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Neighbours Episode Guide: 901-925

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Episode 901
Network Ten: 20/02/1989
BBC: 26/04/1990
UK Gold: 15/04/1996

Gail makes it clear what she thinks of Paul in an explosive outburst.

Episode 902
Network Ten: 21/02/1989
BBC: 27/04/1990
UK Gold: 16/04/1996

Gail's actions leave Paul devastated.

Episode 903
Network Ten: 22/02/1989
BBC: 30/04/1990
UK Gold: 17/04/1996

Jane forces herself to carry out a distressing task.

Episode 904
Network Ten: 23/02/1989
BBC: 01/05/1990
UK Gold: 18/04/1996

A fearful Madeline seeks comfort from Jim.

Episode 905
Network Ten: 24/02/1989
BBC: 02/05/1990
UK Gold: 19/04/1996

Details to follow

Episode 906
Network Ten: 27/02/1989
BBC: 03/05/1990
UK Gold: 22/04/1996

Details to follow

Episode 907
Network Ten: 28/02/1989
BBC: 04/05/1990
UK Gold: 23/04/1996

Madeline's run of bad luck surprises Jim and Scott.

Episode 908
Network Ten: 01/03/1989
BBC: 07/05/1990
UK Gold: 24/04/1996

Jim becomes increasingly suspicious of Madeline.

Episode 909
Network Ten: 02/03/1989
BBC: 08/05/1990
UK Gold: 25/04/1996

The day of Joe's big flight arrives.

Episode 910
Network Ten: 03/03/1989
BBC: 09/05/1990
UK Gold: 26/04/1996

Joe manages to conquer his fears, but Harold suffers as a result.

Episode 911
Network Ten: 06/03/1989
BBC: 10/05/1990
UK Gold: 29/04/1996

Joe shocks Des with a promise, and Mike feels pushed into making a commitment to Jenny.

Episode 912
Network Ten: 07/03/1989
BBC: 11/05/1990
UK Gold: 30/04/1996

Henry and Nick launch a get-rich-quick scheme, while Joe shocks Kerry with an eye-opening revelation about their relationship.

Episode 913
Network Ten: 08/03/1989
BBC: 14/05/1990
UK Gold: 01/05/1996

Henry solves a crisis threatening a Greek wedding, and Scott faces unexpected complications in his research job.

Episode 914
Network Ten: 09/03/1989
BBC: 15/05/1990
UK Gold: 02/05/1996

Nick and Sharon get into trouble and Henry stages the wedding reception of the century.

Episode 915
Network Ten: 10/03/1989
BBC: 16/05/1990
UK Gold: 03/05/1996

Nick and Sharon vow to stay together no matter what, while Madeline threatens Scott's career.

Episode 916
Network Ten: 13/03/1989
BBC: 17/05/1990
UK Gold: 06/05/1996

Tragedy strikes on a day out for the Bishops when Sky is bitten by a spider.

Episode 917
Network Ten: 14/03/1989
BBC: 18/05/1990
UK Gold: 07/05/1996

Harold and Kerry battle to save Sky's life.

Episode 918
Network Ten: 15/03/1989
BBC: 21/05/1990
UK Gold: 08/05/1996

Mike makes an investment in the hope of building a future with Jenny.

Episode 919
Network Ten: 16/03/1989
BBC: 22/05/1990
UK Gold: 09/05/1996

Des tries to sort out the complicated problem with Joe.

Episode 920
Network Ten: 17/03/1989
BBC: 23/05/1990
UK Gold: 10/05/1996

Scott hears disturbing news about Madeline.

Episode 921
Network Ten: 20/03/1989
BBC: 24/05/1990
UK Gold: 13/05/1996

Details to follow

Episode 922
Network Ten: 21/03/1989
BBC: 25/05/1990
UK Gold: 14/05/1996

Scott intervenes in his father's marital crisis - can he get the equally stubborn Jim and Beverly back together?

Episode 923
Network Ten: 22/03/1989
BBC: 28/05/1990
UK Gold: 15/05/1996

Henry becomes domesticated in an attempt to help Bronwyn around the house - but as ever, his good intentions backfire.

Episode 924
Network Ten: 23/03/1989
BBC: 29/05/1990
UK Gold: 16/05/1996

Des and Jane's relationship takes a new turn.

Episode 925
Network Ten: 24/03/1989
BBC: 30/05/1990
UK Gold: 17/05/1996

Mike bites the bullet and makes a decision about the future, while Helen confronts her worst fear.
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