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Neighbours Episode Guide: 876-900

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Episode 876
Network Ten: 12/12/1988
BBC: 22/03/1990
UK Gold: 11/03/1996

1988 Series Finale
It's Christmas, and Jane accepts Mark's proposal. Aunt Edie plays Father Christmas, while Toby and Katie make up. Henry attempts to win back his place in Bronwyn's affections.

Episode 877
Network Ten: 17/01/1989
BBC: 23/03/1990
UK Gold: 12/03/1996

1989 Series Return
Bronwyn has a new boyfriend. Noelene arrives to collect Toby, but her new husband tries to hit Toby, much to Joe's horror.

Episode 878
Network Ten: 18/01/1989
BBC: 26/03/1990
UK Gold: 13/03/1996

An unexpected letter gives Bronwyn a nasty shock. Helen comes home, although she is still very weak. Noelene asks Edie to spy on Joe.

Episode 879
Network Ten: 19/01/1989
BBC: 27/03/1990
UK Gold: 14/03/1996

Harold's new dishwasher causes watery chaos around the coffee shop when but Madge puts too much soap in. Bronwyn can't think who the anonymous writer could be. Paul finds out that Derek Morris is interested in buying Lassiters.

Episode 880
Network Ten: 20/01/1989
BBC: 28/03/1990
UK Gold: 15/03/1996

Beverly becomes worried over Todd's choice of Christmas present, while Harold and Des both develop a rash from the dishwasher soap. Lucy reveals that she's been accused of cheating at Arlenwood, and Paul asks Des for a 95% mortgage in order to buy Lassiters.

Episode 881
Network Ten: 23/01/1989
BBC: 29/03/1990
UK Gold: 18/03/1996

Joe battles to keep his son - but realises his chances of winning are low. Mrs. Granger turns up on the Mangel doorstep, to Jane's shock. Todd goes to see the girl who copied Lucy's paper.

Episode 882
Network Ten: 24/01/1989
BBC: 30/03/1990
UK Gold: 19/03/1996

Jane attends a dinner party hosted by Mark's mother - but the evening doesn't exactly go according to plan when Mrs. Granger asks Jane not to marry Mark because of their class difference. Lucy confesses to cheating before Todd persuades Caroline to own up. Joe gives Edie a marijuana plant.

Episode 883
Network Ten: 25/01/1989
BBC: 02/04/1990
UK Gold: 20/03/1996

Jane makes an important decision, while Joe digs himself into a deep deep hole with a pot plant. Gail agrees to the Lassiter's deal, and the police catch Edie red-handed.

Episode 884
Network Ten: 26/01/1989
BBC: 03/04/1990
UK Gold: 21/03/1996

Paul and Gail are shocked by an appalling setback when Penny refuses to provide their loan, while Nick tries to make Helen get going after her stroke. Edie accuses Joe of planting the evidence, and Joe admits it. Des's relationship with Penelope begins to develop.

Episode 885
Network Ten: 27/01/1989
BBC: 04/04/1990
UK Gold: 22/03/1996

Beverly comes to a decision that angers Helen, who insists that Beverly go to her conference in Perth. Henry tries to catch the letter writer but Bronwyn catches him with a letter and accuses him of the crime. Des fails to change Penny's mind about Paul and Gail's loan. Lucy leaves.

Episode 886
Network Ten: 30/01/1989
BBC: 05/04/1990
UK Gold: 25/03/1996

Bronwyn discovers who really sent the anonymous letters and vows to get back with Henry, while Penelope springs a surprise on Des. Henry comes to decision about his relationship with Bronwyn, and Nick organises a 'Help Helen' rota - much to Helen's annoyance.

Episode 887
Network Ten: 31/01/1989
BBC: 06/04/1990
UK Gold: 26/03/1996

Henry eventually forgives Bronwyn, but Des refuses to take Penny back. Edie helps Noelene kidnap Toby.

Episode 888
Network Ten: 01/02/1989
BBC: 09/04/1990
UK Gold: 27/03/1996

Joe is left distraught after Noelene runs off with Toby, while Harold faces the opposite problem as his daughter Kerry makes an unexpected reappearance. Des tells Henry that he can move in - to the horror of Edie, Madge and Harold. Joe gets Toby back and he makes up with Noelene, who has left Ted.

Episode 889
Network Ten: 02/02/1989
BBC: 10/04/1990
UK Gold: 28/03/1996

Kerry and Sky move to the Bishop house, but Harold is shocked by his daughter's way of life. Beverly leaves for Perth, and Paul's business troubles cause friction at home.

Episode 890
Network Ten: 03/02/1989
BBC: 11/04/1990
UK Gold: 29/03/1996

Madge receives horrifying news about her father, while Gail takes drastic action to cure Paul's obsessive behaviour. Joe and Kerry go on a date, and Nick announces his decision to leave school.

Episode 891
Network Ten: 06/02/1989
BBC: 12/04/1990
UK Gold: 01/04/1996

Madge learns that her father has had a heart attack, so she heads up to Brisbane. Rosemary arrives and solves Paul's problems. Scott returns from Brisbane, and Katie gets a rabbit. Des puts his photographs of Daphne in a drawer and decides that he is going to ask Penny to marry him.

Episode 892
Network Ten: 07/02/1989
BBC: 13/04/1990
UK Gold: 02/04/1996

Kerry and Joe become very good friends - to Harold's annoyance. Des discovers that Penny has gone to Europe, and Jane tells Joe that she'll marry Mark. Harold's change of attitude surprises Edie, while Gail gives Paul an ultimatum.

Episode 893
Network Ten: 08/02/1989
BBC: 16/04/1990
UK Gold: 03/04/1996

Sharon and Nick make a start at mending their relationship, but other Ramsay Street couples face a more trying time. Gail threatens Paul with divorce, and Rosemary advises Jane not to marry Mark. Helen is cared for via a system of walkie-talkies.

Episode 894
Network Ten: 09/02/1989
BBC: 17/04/1990
UK Gold: 04/04/1996

Joe and Henry's culinary skills are put to the test as they cook up some trouble, and Katie's new friend finds himself in hot water. Rosemary's grudge means Jane is depressed after telling Mark that she won't marry him. Katie's rabbit goes missing, and she then learns Joe has been asking how to make rabbit stew…

Episode 895
Network Ten: 10/02/1989
BBC: 18/04/1990
UK Gold: 05/04/1996

Katie holds a funeral for Rupert the rabbit - only he then turns up! Harold goes to see Joe and is shocked to discover that Kerry had been in bed with him.

Episode 896
Network Ten: 13/02/1989
BBC: 19/04/1990
UK Gold: 08/04/1996

Kerry announces that she's leaving, but Harold asks her to stay. Joe gives Katie a rabbit, not realising that Rupert has turned up. Paul tries to make things up with Gail on their wedding anniversary.

Episode 897
Network Ten: 14/02/1989
BBC: 20/04/1990
UK Gold: 09/04/1996

Jane confronts Rosemary with a few home truths. Jane accuses Rosemary of being jealous, and Rosemary tells Paul to sack Jane, but Jane resigns. Hilary turns up, while Kerry agrees to stay. Paul and Gail are still at odds.

Episode 898
Network Ten: 15/02/1989
BBC: 23/04/1990
UK Gold: 10/04/1996

Mike returns in a mood, and punches Henry for no apparent reason. Rosemary tells Paul that he can still buy Lassiter's, and Gail asks if she can go and work in America. Des, Bronwyn and Henry are non-plussed by the transformation in Mike.

Episode 899
Network Ten: 16/02/1989
BBC: 24/04/1990
UK Gold: 11/04/1996

Scott's new boss makes a big impression on the Robinson family when she sounds off at Helen about the past. Harold and Des enter Sky and Jamie into a baby contest.

Episode 900
Network Ten: 17/02/1989
BBC: 25/04/1990
UK Gold: 12/04/1996

Henry makes an unexpected discovery while searching for Hilary's wedding ring. Bruce Zadro gets Nick expelled from school, while Scott and Madeline begin working together.
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