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Neighbours Episode Guide: 926-950

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Episode 926
Network Ten: 27/03/1989
BBC: 31/05/1990
UK Gold: 20/05/1996

Gail and Paul make an unexpected return - and their shocking announcement leaves Ramsay Street residents stunned.

Episode 927
Network Ten: 28/03/1989
BBC: 01/06/1990
UK Gold: 21/05/1996

Harold's extra-curricular activities become a cause of concern for Madge.

Episode 928
Network Ten: 29/03/1989
BBC: 04/06/1990
UK Gold: 22/05/1996

Harold and Madge are surprised by a mysterious telegram, and Todd's capabilities are put to the test by Hilary.

Episode 929
Network Ten: 30/03/1989
BBC: 05/06/1990
UK Gold: 23/05/1996

Details to follow

Episode 930
Network Ten: 31/03/1989
BBC: 06/06/1990
UK Gold: 24/05/1996

Bronwyn forces Mike to admit his true feelings for Jenny.

Episode 931
Network Ten: 03/04/1989
BBC: 07/06/1990
UK Gold: 27/05/1996

Nick and Sharon's relationship hits rocky ground, and Mike realises he has to help Jenny.

Episode 932
Network Ten: 04/04/1989
BBC: 08/06/1990
UK Gold: 28/05/1996

Madge takes drastic steps, while Sharon and Skinner's relationship intensifies.

Episode 933
Network Ten: 05/04/1989
BBC: 11/06/1990
UK Gold: 29/05/1996

Beverly lends Mike and Jenny a hand.

Episode 934
Network Ten: 06/04/1989
BBC: 12/06/1990
UK Gold: 30/05/1996

Joe's practical joke on Henry backfires badly.

Episode 935
Network Ten: 07/04/1989
BBC: 13/06/1990
UK Gold: 31/05/1996

Henry expresses concern about Bronwyn's new job.

Episode 936
Network Ten: 10/04/1989
BBC: 14/06/1990
UK Gold: 03/06/1996

Madge's extravagant ways lead to trouble.

Episode 937
Network Ten: 11/04/1989
BBC: 15/06/1990
UK Gold: 04/06/1996

Kerry takes drastic action at Lassiters'.

Episode 938
Network Ten: 12/04/1989
BBC: 18/06/1990
UK Gold: 05/06/1996

Jim stumbles upon an opportunity of a lifetime - but will he take the plunge?

Episode 939
Network Ten: 13/04/1989
BBC: 19/06/1990
UK Gold: 06/06/1996

Jim struggles to come to terms with Helen's inheritance.

Episode 940
Network Ten: 14/04/1989
BBC: 20/06/1990
UK Gold: 07/06/1996

Jane comes between Des and an old flame.

Episode 941
Network Ten: 17/04/1989
BBC: 21/06/1990
UK Gold: 10/06/1996

Joe decides to make Bouncer work for his keep.

Episode 942
Network Ten: 18/04/1989
BBC: 22/06/1990
UK Gold: 11/06/1996

Bronwyn finds herself in grave danger.

Episode 943
Network Ten: 19/04/1989
BBC: 25/06/1990
UK Gold: 12/06/1996

Helen's generosity gets a mixed response.

Episode 944
Network Ten: 20/04/1989
BBC: 27/06/1990
UK Gold: 13/06/1996

Henry and Bronwyn try their utmost to rekindle the romance between Paul and Gail - will their plans come to fruition?

Episode 945
Network Ten: 21/04/1989
BBC: 28/06/1990
UK Gold: 14/06/1996

Scott and Poppy get together in the country.

Episode 946
Network Ten: 24/04/1989
BBC: 29/06/1990
UK Gold: 17/06/1996

Scott has some explaining to do about his relationship with Poppy.

Episode 947
Network Ten: 25/04/1989
BBC: 02/07/1990
UK Gold: 18/06/1996

Will Madge and Harold have a happy wedding anniversary?

Episode 948
Network Ten: 26/04/1989
BBC: 03/07/1990
UK Gold: 19/06/1996

Nick's decision to set up his own T-shirt designing business falls flat.

Episode 949
Network Ten: 27/04/1989
BBC: 04/07/1990
UK Gold: 20/06/1996

Henry decides to help Nick with his job problem.

Episode 950
Network Ten: 28/04/1989
BBC: 05/07/1990
UK Gold: 21/06/1996

The Robinson family find their very survival hangs in the balance.
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