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Neighbours Episode Guide: 2426-2450

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Episode 2426
Network Ten: 10/07/1995
BBC: 01/03/1996
UK Gold: 18/02/2002

Brook makes a last-ditch attempt to sweep Jen off her feet, while Cody plans to patch things up with Stonefish - but he's nowhere to be seen. Danni and Mal plan the perfect romantic evening at home, but they get no peace when the kids from Erinsborough High School invade their house.

Episode 2427
Network Ten: 11/07/1995
BBC: 04/03/1996
UK Gold: 19/02/2002

Philip is overjoyed by the birthday surprise Jen has prepared for him, and Lou turns to Danni for help as he becomes increasingly worried by Cheryl's depression. Hannah's scheme backfires, leaving her with egg on her face.

Episode 2428
Network Ten: 12/07/1995
BBC: 05/03/1996
UK Gold: 20/02/2002

A completely changed Mark returns to Ramsay Street with a new mission in life, while Hannah is forced to face the consequences of her actions. Sam finds his new customers rather demanding when his advert for prospective employers is completely misunderstood.

Episode 2429
Network Ten: 13/07/1995
BBC: 06/03/1996
UK Gold: 21/02/2002

Luke is caught on the hop by Ren's decision to end their relationship, and Cheryl suspects the documentary-maker of trying to stitch her up. Karl and Susan set out to put the spark back into their marriage. The golf ball bandit is revealed - but will Brett turn him in?

Episode 2430
Network Ten: 14/07/1995
BBC: 07/03/1996
UK Gold: 22/02/2002

Susan declares it's time for the shenanigans in Marlene's garden to stop, and Luke focuses his attentions on Ren. Cheryl dresses to greet her public, while Libby's sensational reports win her the chance to write a regular column in the Erinsborough News. Marlene believes she's discovered the gnome-thief's identity - but will Karl let Susan take the rap?

Episode 2431
Network Ten: 17/07/1995
BBC: 08/03/1996
UK Gold: 25/02/2002

Billy's expensive new jacket turns him into a laughing-stock, while tempers flare at Chez Chez when Cheryl and Lou are forced to come to a decision over the management of the bar. Hannah revels in all the attention she's receiving at school - but Stacey Griffiths sets out to teach her a lesson she'll never forget. Mark's new attitude to life ruffles a few feathers down at the youth centre.

Episode 2432
Network Ten: 18/07/1995
BBC: 11/03/1996
UK Gold: 26/02/2002

Jen moves in with Philip, who soon discovers she's been concealing a dark secret. Marlene swears to get even with Karl for his gnome pranks, while Brett and Libby wait on tenterhooks to see who's won the World Vision essay competition. Helen bids farewell to Rueben with a memorial ceremony.

Episode 2433
Network Ten: 19/07/1995
BBC: 12/03/1996
UK Gold: 27/02/2002

Billy's fashion dilemma brings unexpected results in the form of another possible admirer, while a shamefaced Karl is forced to eat his words. Luke sets out to win back his place in Ren's affections, and it transpires that Libby and Brett are both winners of the World Vision essay writing competition.

Episode 2434
Network Ten: 20/07/1995
BBC: 13/03/1996
UK Gold: 28/02/2002

Mark cheats death and becomes convinced he's been spared to carry out a mission for God, while Ren sends Luke packing in no uncertain terms. Cody is astonished to find herself envious of Stonefish's ex-girlfriend, and Lou clashes with Cheryl over the restaurant's future.

Episode 2435
Network Ten: 21/07/1995
BBC: 14/03/1996
UK Gold: 01/03/2002

Cheryl is stunned by the suspicious arrival of an unexpected guest. Mark's religious fervour gains pace, but Marlene disappoints him with news about the youth centre. Stonefish asks Danni and Mal if he can lodge with them and tries to convince them he is the perfect housemate.

Episode 2436
Network Ten: 24/07/1995
BBC: 15/03/1996
UK Gold: 04/03/2002

Cheryl discovers the reason for daughter Janine's unexpected visit, and Karl underestimates Marlene's determination to make him pay for the gnome-moving incident. Stonie gets a blast from the past, while Susan acts as Mal's driving instructor - but makes slow progress.

Episode 2437
Network Ten: 25/07/1995
BBC: 18/03/1996
UK Gold: 05/03/2002

Stonefish is in a quandary when his trouble-making brother turns up in Ramsay Street with the law hot on his heels. Ren is confused over her feelings for Luke, and Mark continues his mission to save the souls of Erinsborough - whether they like it or not.

Episode 2438
Network Ten: 26/07/1995
BBC: 19/03/1996
UK Gold: 06/03/2002

Mal and Stonie discover the disadvantages of male bonding, and persistent preacher Mark turns his wrath on Libby's indecent style of dress. Ren finally finds an interpretation for her dreams - but how will she feel if they come true?

Note: Susie Quilty doesn't actually appear in this episode?

Episode 2439
Network Ten: 27/07/1995
BBC: 20/03/1996
UK Gold: 07/03/2002

Billy finally realises Melissa is the girl of his dreams and attempts to pluck up the courage to reveal his affections. Meanwhile, Lou devises an outrageous advertising campaign to boost the takings at Chez Chez - but will Cheryl agree to his plan?

Episode 2440
Network Ten: 28/07/1995
BBC: 21/03/1996
UK Gold: 08/03/2002

Mark persuades Lou to give him a preaching slot on the radio show. Brett mulls over romantic failure, while Billy celebrates his luck with Melissa, but wishes he hadn't been so quick to broadcast the news. Meanwhile, a tragedy occurs - and it's all Hannah's fault.
Scene from episode 2440

Episode 2441
Network Ten: 31/07/1995
BBC: 22/03/1996
UK Gold: 11/03/2002

Billy's date ends in tears when his plans to woo Melissa over an intimate lunch are dashed by the arrival of his parents, and Ren's attempts to put Luke out of her mind seem doomed to failure - will her dreams become reality? Surviving the car smash completely unscathed further convinces Mark that he's been chosen to spread the word of God.

Episode 2442
Network Ten: 01/08/1995
BBC: 25/03/1996
UK Gold: 12/03/2002

Lou racks his brains for a way to promote Chez Chez and comes up with what seems to be a sure-fire winner. Billy's budding romance continues to blossom, and Karl is forced to make amends for treating Melissa so badly. Mark's holier-than-thou attitude starts to drive everyone crazy, resulting in Helen seeking spiritual guidance to find a solution to the problem.

Note: Colonel Parker doesn't actually appear in this episode?

Episode 2443
Network Ten: 02/08/1995
BBC: 26/03/1996
UK Gold: 13/03/2002

Mark makes himself even more unpopular, and Annalise has to step in to stop her former fiance pestering Sam about religion. Luke's attempt to advise Ren blows up in his face, while Brett's image at school is tarnished. Young love proves difficult to handle for Danni, as she grows increasingly jealous of Mal's friendship with Stonefish and discovers that sport is the way to her man's heart.

Episode 2444
Network Ten: 03/08/1995
BBC: 27/03/1996
UK Gold: 14/03/2002

Jen worries that Luke may have outstayed his welcome, and the Kennedys suspect they may also be entertaining unwanted guests - of the four-legged variety. Libby's callous article backfires, teaching her an important lesson in journalism and leaving Brett with an infatuated fan club.

Episode 2445
Network Ten: 04/08/1995
BBC: 28/03/1996
UK Gold: 15/03/2002

Born entertainer Stonefish looks forward to a glittering career in the world of showbusiness, and an infuriated Danni warns Mal he's living on borrowed time. Billy discovers Blair and Stacey's secret, but promises he won't tell a soul.

Episode 2446
Network Ten: 07/08/1995
BBC: 29/03/1996
UK Gold: 18/03/2002

Hannah gets all lovesick, pining for a little romance in her life, and Miranda's claim to have a boyfriend doesn't do much to help. Jen gets a disturbing letter from a distant cousin desperate for help, and hard-as-nails Stonefish makes his TV debut - in a dress. Is this the end of the road for Danni and Mal?

Note: Executive Producer credit now at start.

Episode 2447
Network Ten: 08/08/1995
BBC: 01/04/1996
UK Gold: 19/03/2002

Romance is in the air as Brett goes on a blind date - only for it to turn into a nightmare. A lovelorn Hannah makes a fool of herself after taking Annalise's advice in her quest to find a boyfriend. Mal and Danni's argument goes public, and Colin Taylor returns with big plans for the newsagents.

Episode 2448
Network Ten: 09/08/1995
BBC: 02/04/1996
UK Gold: 20/03/2002

A lovestruck Hannah goes on the trail of her secret admirer, and Annalise exacts a fitting revenge on Libby for the hurtful newspaper article. Stonefish's ego inflates to the size of Australia as he plans to turn professional, and Jen finally agrees to have tests to see if she can donate bone marrow to her cousin.

Episode 2449
Network Ten: 10/08/1995
BBC: 03/04/1996
UK Gold: 21/03/2002

Annalise and Jo's business venture opens its doors to the public, and Mark's run of bad luck continues as his good deed for the day has disastrous repercussions. Libby begins to fear she's been cursed when a washing-line thief leaves her with a decidedly limited wardrobe.

Episode 2450
Network Ten: 11/08/1995
BBC: 04/04/1996
UK Gold: 22/03/2002

Susan tracks down Stacey's mother, and has her worst fears confirmed by what she discovers, while Ren and Luke find themselves united by tragedy. Lou begins to worry his influence on Stonie has been counter-productive and he's created a monster.
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