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Neighbours Episode Guide: 2401-2425

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Episode 2401
Network Ten: 05/06/1995
BBC: 26/01/1996
UK Gold: 14/01/2002

Danni and Malcolm feel the pain of separation, Karl finds himself being bullied when his family gang up on him, and the coffee shop gets a trendy new image. Grateful residents celebrate the end of the 40-hour fast with a slap-up feast - while poor old Mark goes hungry because of Luke's practical joke.

Episode 2402
Network Ten: 06/06/1995
BBC: 29/01/1996
UK Gold: 15/01/2002

Helen and Rueben express their love through romantic poetry, while Karl and Susan decide to get their camera out and take a few candid snaps. Cody jeopardises her future, and a raucous new pop star stirs Hannah's heart strings.

Episode 2403
Network Ten: 07/06/1995
BBC: 30/01/1996
UK Gold: 16/01/2002

Emotions run high as Reuben has a heartfelt talk with Garnett, but it is Helen who is left with a broken heart. Meanwhile Jen must make amends for offending Cody, and Stonefish hits on a kill-or-cure solution to the Danni-Mal stand-off.

Episode 2404
Network Ten: 08/06/1995
BBC: 31/01/1996
UK Gold: 17/01/2002

Brett gets a shock while looking through Libby's parents' photographs, and Ren decides the only way she can take a step forward is to look to the past. Cheryl tries to save herself from soaring interest rates by putting the squeeze on Mark and Luke's plans for the coffee shop.

Episode 2405
Network Ten: 09/06/1995
BBC: 01/02/1996
UK Gold: 18/01/2002

Lucy and Ren discover their previous identities during very revealing hypnotic regression, while Annalise is shock when she sees the clothes in her father's wardrobe. Meanwhile, Lou and Marlene struggle against the odds to make Cheryl see sense.

Episode 2406
Network Ten: 12/06/1995
BBC: 02/02/1996
UK Gold: 21/01/2002

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Billy suffers the pain of learning a new girl at Erinsborough High doesn't share his amorous intentions, and Annalise is left hurt and confused when her father, Tarquin, humiliates her in public. Danni's new bed leaves Cheryl feeling bemused, and Ramsay Street is plagued by a callous thief.

Note: Stonefish now regular character in the cast list.

Episode 2407
Network Ten: 13/06/1995
BBC: 05/02/1996
UK Gold: 22/01/2002

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Annalise and Tarquin part with unresolved differences, and Ren becomes caught up in her past lives. Marlene tells everyone Philip is getting hitched to Jen - even though he hasn't actually decided to pop the question just yet. Helen meets Rueben's vegetable growing friend, while Billy takes to plunge before his date - with disastrous results.

Episode 2408
Network Ten: 14/06/1995
BBC: 06/02/1996
UK Gold: 23/01/2002

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More sad news for Sid, and the thought of missing a barbecue tempts Cody to skip work, prompting Karl to come down on her like a ton of bricks. Hannah's knees-up in honour of Dayle is far from picture perfect, and is Billy headed for a disastrous date?

Episode 2409
Network Ten: 15/06/1995
BBC: 07/02/1996
UK Gold: 24/01/2002

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Brett comes up with a solution to Sid's problems, and a clash between Karl and Malcolm causes untold embarrassment. Jen dreads her birthday party, realising Philip may be planning a special trip to the jeweller's - who will get the biggest surprise?

Episode 2410
Network Ten: 16/06/1995
BBC: 08/02/1996
UK Gold: 25/01/2002

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The pizza parlour's opening party has both pleasure and pain on the menu, and Annalise feels neglected by her father who seems to get on with everyone except her. Cheryl wonders whether to cut her losses and sell the arcade before her business empire collapses altogether and she's forced to go bankrupt.

Episode 2411
Network Ten: 19/06/1995
BBC: 09/02/1996
UK Gold: 28/01/2002

Annalise finally finds common ground with her father, but Tarquin is leaving Ramsay Street and wants her to join him. Lou puts a proposition to Cheryl as financial problems threaten to overwhelm them both, and also makes a decision on Sid's garden. Ren and Luke are both surprised by the suddenness of their romance, and Marlene suspects Sam may be up to no good.

Episode 2412
Network Ten: 20/06/1995
BBC: 12/02/1996
UK Gold: 29/01/2002

Stonefish blows his top with Cody and Jen, and Sam is overjoyed by Annalise's suggestion that they look for a house together. Karl worries about Danni's refusal to accept his medical advice, while Hannah discovers the traumas of being a teenager.

Episode 2413
Network Ten: 21/06/1995
BBC: 13/02/1996
UK Gold: 30/01/2002

Philip struggles to cope with Hannah's growing pains, while Cody tries to make amends with Stonefish for lashing out at him. Luke proves he could do with a spell at charm school by leaving his dinner party guests speechless.

Episode 2414
Network Ten: 22/06/1995
BBC: 14/02/1996
UK Gold: 31/01/2002

The dreaded curse of Erinsborough strikes again, and latest victim Annalise barely has time to get to know her long-lost family before she's bidding them a tearful farewell. Luke is left with some apologising to do following his bad behaviour at the dinner party, and a pair of ruthless sheep rustlers strike in Ramsay Street.

Note: No writer/director credits shown on UK Gold episode.

Episode 2415
Network Ten: 23/06/1995
BBC: 15/02/1996
UK Gold: 01/02/2002

Danni and Mal's sleeping arrangements come under close scrutiny, and Marlene gets in a tizzy over the whereabouts of her garden gnome. Helen offers Sid a helping hand - but will he appreciate it? Resentful of parental interference, Malcolm takes a surprising stand.

Note: Last television appearance of Maurie Fields.

Episode 2416
Network Ten: 26/06/1995
BBC: 16/02/1996
UK Gold: 04/02/2002

Stonefish arranges for Billy's special treatment at the tattoo studio, and Lou decides to jack in the car business and help Cheryl at the Waterhole. Karl devises a radical solution to Malcolm and Danni's problem - but is it the answer they've been searching for? The coffee shop becomes the venue of a strange celebration for Stonefish.

Episode 2417
Network Ten: 27/06/1995
BBC: 19/02/1996
UK Gold: 05/02/2002

Danni and Mal find life in candlelight decidedly unromantic, and their house-renting experiment annoys Annalise. Luke rattles Ren by seeing other girls, while Philip has a few questions to ask Jen. Sam worries about Marlene's increasingly odd behaviour - is his gran losing her mind?

Episode 2418
Network Ten: 28/06/1995
BBC: 20/02/1996
UK Gold: 06/02/2002

Lou and Cheryl try to let off steam on the fairway, and Philip's attitude to Jen's old admirer Brook drives her to distraction. Dayle reveals his hidden depths, while Mark reorganises his routine to avoid temptation - and Lucy.

Episode 2419
Network Ten: 29/06/1995
BBC: 21/02/1996
UK Gold: 07/02/2002

Brook finally comes clean about his visit to Erinsborough, and Marlene starts seeing things. Public-spirited Mark sets up a drugs and alcohol support group - but his advice fails to hit home.

Episode 2420
Network Ten: 30/06/1995
BBC: 22/02/1996
UK Gold: 08/02/2002

Karl turns up the heat for Danni and Mal, while Mark asks Lucy to help him run the drugs and alcohol abuse programme, little realising she has more on her mind than work - will he succumb to temptation? Danni runs herself literally ragged over Mal's 18th birthday dinner.

Note: Olivia, Quintalena and Melissa do not actually appear in this episode.

Episode 2421
Network Ten: 03/07/1995
BBC: 23/02/1996
UK Gold: 11/02/2002

Mark begins to find life with Lucy a more attractive prospect than becoming a priest, and Hannah can't believe Libby's luck as the junior reporter sets off to interview much-sought-after heart-throb Dayle. Philip decides to rejuvenate his image after Lou takes him to one side and advises him to pull his socks up if he wants to hang onto Jen.

Episode 2422
Network Ten: 04/07/1995
BBC: 26/02/1996
UK Gold: 12/02/2002

Marlene grows tired of people thinking she is senile, while Cheryl is left speechless by a measly offer from the ruthless Rosemary. Mark comes to a decision about the direction of his life - but is it too late?

Episode 2423
Network Ten: 05/07/1995
BBC: 27/02/1996
UK Gold: 13/02/2002

It's party time in Ramsay Street as Karl's 'social experiment' goes from strength to strength. Lucy leaves her home behind to head for the bright lights of New York, and Annalise accidentally blurts out the truth about Karl's plan. Billy comes up with a money-making scheme guaranteed to win Olivia's favour.

Note: Final appearance of Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson.

Episode 2424
Network Ten: 06/07/1995
BBC: 28/02/1996
UK Gold: 14/02/2002

Brook and Philip square up, prepared to fight for Jen's affections, while Hannah schemes a way to meet her pop idol Dayle. Danni and Mal try to prove they're mature enough to continue living together, while thirsty customers are left waiting outside the Coffee Shop as Mark fails to turn up for work.

Episode 2425
Network Ten: 07/07/1995
BBC: 29/02/1996
UK Gold: 15/02/2002

Sam discovers the identity of Ramsay Street's guilt-ridden gnome-knapper, and Annalise finds unwanted fame through Libby's literary efforts. Billy embarks on a desperate hunt for money, while Danni and Mal's apparent happiness causes Susan to re-evaluate her life.
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