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Neighbours Episode Guide: 2451-2475

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Episode 2451
Network Ten: 14/08/1995
BBC: 05/04/1996
UK Gold: 25/03/2002

Stonefish goes over the top with his new T-shirt venture - prompting Cody to consider dumping him again. Blair Griffiths goes missing after being ordered to avoid Susan at all costs by sister Stacey. Melissa decides to stear clear of Billy after hearing a spiteful rumour.

Episode 2452
Network Ten: 15/08/1995
BBC: 08/04/1996
UK Gold: 26/03/2002

Danni starts interfering in Sam's relationship with Annalise, while Blair's disappearance causes great concern. Mother makes four when an unexpected visitor finds accommodation with Mal and Danni.

Episode 2453
Network Ten: 16/08/1995
BBC: 09/04/1996
UK Gold: 27/03/2002

Hannah suffers a humiliation in front of her schoolmates, while Joanna, Cody and Annalise turn Ramsay Street into a war-zone as they go for each other's throats. A secret admirer decides to mark Marlene's return by declaring his love for her, and Ren keeps a vigil by Mark's bedside.

Episode 2454
Network Ten: 17/08/1995
BBC: 10/04/1996
UK Gold: 28/03/2002

Colin uses his culinary talents to impress an all-too-willing Marlene, and Danni tries to maintain an amicable relationship with Mal. Billy's nicer-than-nice act dissolves into thin air as he realises he's being taken for a ride.

Episode 2455
Network Ten: 18/08/1995
BBC: 11/04/1996
UK Gold: 29/03/2002

Hard-hearted Marlene discovers the downside of Mark's lucky influence as her world starts to fall apart. Melissa and Billy plan their revenge on gossip-monger Quintalena and Ren is shocked by a passionate declaration from Luke.

Episode 2456
Network Ten: 21/08/1995
BBC: 12/04/1996
UK Gold: 01/04/2002

Ren takes time out to consider Luke's shock proposal, Colin turns up the heat in his pursuit of Marlene, and the runaway makes an unexpected return. Sam worries about Colin's plans - does he intend to become a permanent Ramsay Street resident?

Episode 2457
Network Ten: 22/08/1995
BBC: 15/04/1996
UK Gold: 02/04/2002

Cheryl returns to Ramsay Street and immediately puts Lou on the spot, demanding to know about the ad he placed while she was away. Meanwhile, Ren springs a surprise on Luke - she's going to marry him, but not yet. Danni and Mal find four is a crowd.

Episode 2458
Network Ten: 23/08/1995
BBC: 16/04/1996
UK Gold: 03/04/2002

Hannah's latest quest to find love fails miserably and Cheryl continues to fume over Lou's misguided attempt to promote the bar. Billy and Melissa finally take an appropriate revenge on malicious gossip Quintalena.

Episode 2459
Network Ten: 24/08/1995
BBC: 17/04/1996
UK Gold: 04/04/2002

Hannah finally reaches the end of her tether and gives Miranda her marching orders, while the Hartman sisters sharpen their claws and set about Cody in a most unladylike fashion. Annalise and Joanna are thrilled to get their first client - but is he quite the man he claims to be?

Episode 2460
Network Ten: 25/08/1995
BBC: 18/04/1996
UK Gold: 05/04/2002

An unwelcome visit from a former boyfriend sends a chill down Janine's spine, and Helen's spooky sketches of Lou convince Jen that his days are numbered. Annalise and Joanna agree to go undercover to help police trap Roger Reynolds.

Episode 2461
Network Ten: 28/08/1995
BBC: 19/04/1996
UK Gold: 08/04/2002

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Joanna's romantic scheme involving Cody and Stonefish backfires miserably, and Janine is forced to reveal how ex-boyfriend Ross abused her. Sam sets out to join a club for bikers - but will he get through the humiliating initiation test?

Episode 2462
Network Ten: 29/08/1995
BBC: 22/04/1996
UK Gold: 09/04/2002

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There's great news for grandmother's favourite Brett, while Joanna risks her company to set a trap for Roger Reynolds. Luke receives the job offer of a lifetime, but unfortunately it's in Japan and he wants Ren to go with him - will she leave her Ramsay Street friends behind?

Episode 2463
Network Ten: 30/08/1995
BBC: 23/04/1996
UK Gold: 10/04/2002

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(?)What has happened to the Gottlieb family? Amnesiac Mark seems to have forgotten he's a messenger from the Lord and Ren appears to be turning Japanese. Elsewhere in Ramsay Street, Cheryl's daughter Janine attempts to shake off her sordid past once more.

Episode 2464
Network Ten: 31/08/1995
BBC: 24/04/1996
UK Gold: 11/04/2002

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(?)Mark finally sees the light and realises how irritating his bible-bashing has been. Angie decides to organise the entertainment for Danni's birthday and Susan unexpectedly gets the chance to go to Africa.

Episode 2465
Network Ten: 01/09/1995
BBC: 25/04/1996
UK Gold: 12/04/2002

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Doctor Karl feels like the odd one out and the irritating Hannah realises she can't run to her dad anymore and begins tagging on to Billy and Melissa. Lou reacts strangely to Helen's latest masterpiece.

Episode 2466
Network Ten: 04/09/1995
BBC: 26/04/1996
UK Gold: 15/04/2002

Stonie's extra-curricular activities look like costing him his Year 12 certificate and Lou pins down the cause of his allergy. Hannah, the teenager from hell, goes into self-pitying mode as her friendship with Billy hits hard times. Karl gives Billy a lecture about safe sex after finding Melissa with a packet of condoms.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast

Episode 2467
Network Ten: 05/09/1995
UK Gold: 16/04/2002

Cody decides the time has come for a change of scene and moves out - but not before putting a flea in Joanna's ear. Libby has a bash at surfing in cyberspace, hoping it'll boost her chances of romance, and Stonefish goes in search of a new tutor. Hot item Billy and Melissa decide to go all the way ... they are embarrassingly interrupted.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast 26/04/1996 - 29/04/1996

Episode 2468
Network Ten: 06/09/1995
UK Gold: 17/04/2002

An insecure Annalise begins to feel starved of attention and insists on Sam spending more time with her. Philip, who should know better by now, thinks Hannah's slumber party is going to be a night of innocent fun, while Mark worries no one will turn up for his birthday bash.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast 29/04/1996 - 30/04/1996

Episode 2469
Network Ten: 07/09/1995
UK Gold: 18/04/2002

Philip is accused of neglecting his parental responsibilities as Hannah wakes up with a hangover. Ren and Luke say emotional goodbyes, leaving Mark to cope with super-bore Colin, and Cody gets the chance to put her medical skills to the test in a real-life emergency.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast 30/04/1996 - 01/05/1996

Episode 2470
Network Ten: 08/09/1995
UK Gold: 19/04/2002

Cody's medical know-how wins her a hunky admirer and wrinkly romantics Marlene and Colin play hard to get. Down-in-the-dumps Joanna considers leaving Ramsay Street, while Lou and Cheryl grow convinced that Susan and Karl's marriage is over.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast 01/05/1996 - 02/05/1996

Episode 2471
Network Ten: 11/09/1995
BBC: 03/05/1996
UK Gold: 22/04/2002

Marlene's romance hits the rocks as she continues playing hard to get, while Danni celebrates her 19th birthday with a night to remember - but will she look back on it with pleasure or anger?

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast

Episode 2472
Network Ten: 12/09/1995
BBC: 06/05/1996
UK Gold: 23/04/2002

Cody falls for the charms of an older man, while Jen helps to rebuild the damaged relationship between Hannah and Zoe. Danni seethes over being caught in the altogether by the other Ramsay Street residents. Suspicions grow that Susan has left Ramsay Street for good.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast

Episode 2473
Network Ten: 13/09/1995
UK Gold: 24/04/2002

Cheryl decides she needs an new hobby after Lou and Brett leave her feeling lonely. Big-hearted Mark arranges a special treat for all his Ramsay Street pals and Jen tries to convince Cody the new man in her life is a rat - but her warnings fall on deaf ears.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast 06/05/1996 - 07/05/1996

Episode 2474
Network Ten: 14/09/1995
UK Gold: 25/04/2002

Helen's intervention brings Marlene and Colin back together. Elsewhere in Ramsay Street Annalise gets egg on her face while trying to blend in with Sam's biker pals and Stonefish plots revenge on Cody.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast 07/05/1996 - 08/05/1996

Episode 2475
Network Ten: 15/09/1995
BBC: 08/05/1996
UK Gold: 26/04/2002

Annalise has a new idea for her business, and Danni turns to her mother for advice about contraception. Mark goes all out to put recent events behind him and win back his friends - but burning the candle at both ends soon leaves him feeling the strain. Stonie takes drastic action after seeing Cody with her new man.

Episodes edited and merged for BBC broadcast

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