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Neighbours Episode Guide: 2376-2400

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Episode 2376
Network Ten: 01/05/1995
BBC: 22/12/1995
UK Gold: 10/12/2001

Helen and Reuben return from their European tour with momentous announcements to make, both personal and professional. Mark grows so concerned about Lucy's indulgence in drink and drugs that he gives her an ultimatum. Marlene takes on a new employee with a dodgy background who claims to be homeless.

Note: Lucy Robinson now regular character in the cast list.

Episode 2377
Network Ten: 02/05/1995
BBC: 25/12/1995
UK Gold: 11/12/2001

Libby tells Susan all about Luke, and Danni takes a chance with the school magazine. Cheryl decides it's now or never with the business, and Helen takes action on matters of the heart.

Episode 2378
Network Ten: 03/05/1995
BBC: 26/12/1995
UK Gold: 12/12/2001

Libby has an unsettling encounter with creepy Sandy, but is more worried by Karl's reaction to seeing her kissing Luke. Lou and Philip plead with their trainer to turn Tess into a winner, but can't help being shocked by the advice they receive.

Episode 2379
Network Ten: 04/05/1995
BBC: 27/12/1995
UK Gold: 13/12/2001

A change of heart for Libby and a fresh start for Lucy is all that can be hoped for by those who care for them. Sandy loiters with odd intent. Mark eyes up the coffee shop as he considers a business move, and Karl and Susan return to find their furniture rearranged. Cody's long distance love affair with Rick begins to cool down.

Episode 2380
Network Ten: 05/05/1995
BBC: 28/12/1995
UK Gold: 14/12/2001

Billy is shaken and stirred by a scare story, and Marlene invests in Lou's business. Ren sees Rhonda in a completely different light, while Mark has a proposal for a distracted Annalise.

Episode 2381
Network Ten: 08/05/1995
BBC: 29/12/1995
UK Gold: 17/12/2001

Sam tries to calm Annalise, but it doesn't work. Meanwhile, Danni and Brett are not impressed by Lou and Cheryl's ideas for saving money when business problems in the Stark house lead to more belt-tightening. Libby finds out why her parents are suddenly very friendly towards Luke.

Episode 2382
Network Ten: 09/05/1995
BBC: 01/01/1996
UK Gold: 18/12/2001

Karl's insensitive comments prove to much for Lucy and drive her to hit the bottle again, and Sandy Morris decides the time is ripe to make her move. Billy finds himself protected by an unexpected bodyguard, and Libby has little time for Luke's apologies.

Episode 2383
Network Ten: 10/05/1995
BBC: 02/01/1996
UK Gold: 19/12/2001

Billy's birthday celebrations are disrupted as Sandy monopolises his father's attentions, and Jen asks Philip to help juggle her responsibilities. Annalise tries to have a bit of fun in spite of Sam's misgivings.

Episode 2384
Network Ten: 11/05/1995
BBC: 03/01/1996
UK Gold: 20/12/2001

Philip's good intentions leave him looking a little foolish, and Lucy finds doing real work for a living a lot tougher than expected. Brett and Sam engineer a few home improvements, while Marlene has a smashing day.

Episode 2385
Network Ten: 12/05/1995
BBC: 04/01/1996
UK Gold: 21/12/2001

Rhonda manages to pull the wool over Marlene's eyes, and work troubles besiege Brett, who puts his foot wrong helping Sam. Failed model Lucy suffers a renewed crisis of confidence when she fails in her vocation as a waitress at the coffee shop, while Cheryl tightens her belt even more as the bank investigates her debts.

Episode 2386
Network Ten: 15/05/1995
BBC: 05/01/1996
UK Gold: 24/12/2001

Helen is accused of only wanting Reuben for his money. Mark hopes a spell in the country will help clear Lucy's head, but her ideas are more romantic. Brett falls foul of Lou's strict rules at the car yard - but manages to the teach the old dog a new trick in the process.

Episode 2387
Network Ten: 16/05/1995
BBC: 08/01/1996
UK Gold: 25/12/2001

Helen reels from an accusation of gold digging and realises the only way to stop the gossips is by entering into a pre-nuptial agreement. The devious Lucy engineers a scheme that'll put Mark right where she wants him. Bianca scuppers Rhonda's plans to make a bit of cash on the side, and Philip makes an unwanted contribution to Jen's creation.

Episode 2388
Network Ten: 17/05/1995
BBC: 09/01/1996
UK Gold: 26/12/2001

Helen's wedding day is threatened by a series of last-minute delays, and her future step-son Garnet is devastated to learn that Reuben is terminally ill. Meanwhile, Lucy eats humble pie by apologising to Mark, and the Kennedys are going computer crazy. Marlene is forced to face the truth about Rhonda.

Episode 2389
Network Ten: 18/05/1995
BBC: 10/01/1996
UK Gold: 27/12/2001

Annalise becomes worried about being beaten in the poetry contest at by a rival poet at Erinsborough High, and Danni's laziness at work is finally noticed. Libby and Luke's relationship hits a rocky patch - can go-between Ren repair the rift before it is too late?

Episode 2390
Network Ten: 19/05/1995
BBC: 11/01/1996
UK Gold: 28/12/2001

There's a moody meal at Marlene's, and Danni lands herself in hot water with Cheryl after another late night out. Marlene embarrasses Sam by arranging a few surprises for his birthday, while Hannah is shocked to discover her aunt Lucy in a centrefold magazine.

Episode 2391
Network Ten: 22/05/1995
BBC: 12/01/1996
UK Gold: 31/12/2001

Cheryl's attempts to ease the pressure from her bank manager ruin the family's evening out, and Mark realises he faces a conflict of interests and tries to break his promise. Hannah takes desperate steps to save Lucy's rather tarnished reputation after finding copies of the magazine in Philip's shop.

Episode 2392
Network Ten: 23/05/1995
BBC: 15/01/1996
UK Gold: 01/01/2002

Lucy's confidence is boosted by Mark's confession, but Hannah is forced into further lies while attempting to cover for her. Stonefish hopes he will be rewarded for his patience in wooing Cody, and Bianca is shocked by an unexpected visitor.

Episode 2393
Network Ten: 24/05/1995
BBC: 16/01/1996
UK Gold: 02/01/2002

Bianca finally agrees to talk to her mother after much deliberation, and a love letter makes Libby hot under the collar. Cheryl loses her temper as wayward Danni heads for the nightclub, and Stonefish worries Cody will hate him forever.

Episode 2394
Network Ten: 25/05/1995
BBC: 17/01/1996
UK Gold: 03/01/2002

Libby lands herself in deep trouble by defying local censorship, while Lucy agonises over whether to tell Helen and Philip the truth about her shady past and help Luke foil the blackmailer. Resident Ramsay Street greyhound Suede Tess attracts plenty of punters keen to bet their bottom dollar on another winning performance.

Episode 2395
Network Ten: 26/05/1995
BBC: 18/01/1996
UK Gold: 04/01/2002

Annalise's last day before leaving town proves full of surprises as a mystery woman appears at Sam's door bearing disturbing news. Libby's anger hurts Susan and Luke, as the threat of expulsion causes her to lash out. Jen boosts her hopes of breaking a record, but ends up livid with Karl when he sabotages her attempt.

Episode 2396
Network Ten: 29/05/1995
BBC: 19/01/1996
UK Gold: 07/01/2002

Annalise tries hard to come to terms with the fact she must accept Jo as her half-sister, while Hannah realises 'those' pictures of Lucy have irreparably damaged their friendship. Lou makes a costly gambling mistake and Cheryl is quick to condemn him - but is it a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Episode 2397
Network Ten: 30/05/1995
BBC: 22/01/1996
UK Gold: 08/01/2002

Danni's dilemma over whether to cheat or not has unexpected consequences when the two-timer gets dumped by a disgruntled Mal. Reuben's illness makes him reconsider his priorities and ponder calling a truce with son Garnet. Jen bites off more than she can chew while trying to break a record, and Cheryl faces hard times.

Episode 2398
Network Ten: 31/05/1995
BBC: 23/01/1996
UK Gold: 09/01/2002

Cody's relationship causes trouble. Family feelings are tested when Bianca hears a surprising admission from her mother. Reuben reminisces with his son, and Ren begins to buckle under the strain of her conflicting commitments.

Episode 2399
Network Ten: 01/06/1995
BBC: 24/01/1996
UK Gold: 10/01/2002

Mark neglects the business and gives Ren a shoulder to cry on, while Brett's planned dinner date with Bianca proves a total washout. Karl decides he needs expert help, and Joanna's news makes Annalise start to dread the prospect of meeting her father.

Episode 2400
Network Ten: 02/06/1995
BBC: 25/01/1996
UK Gold: 11/01/2002

Cheryl is dismayed to discover Lassiter's has brought her further financial problems, and Brett's romantic woes look set to continue as Bianca leaves with her mother. The resident's fill their stomach's prior to the sponsored famine, but Mark falls foul of Luke's lark. Karl's career as a computer fraudster doesn't cut the mustard.
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