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Neighbours Episode Guide: 2351-2375

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Episode 2351
Network Ten: 27/03/1995
BBC: 17/11/1995
UK Gold: 05/11/2001

Karl's hidden talent comes to light at Lou's rowdy birthday party, and Susan takes on an unsuitable helper at the coffee shop. Malcolm overcomes his embarrassment to tell Danni something extremely personal.

Episode 2352
Network Ten: 28/03/1995
BBC: 20/11/1995
UK Gold: 06/11/2001

Danni and Mal agree to go slow with their blossoming relationship, and Philip starts to feel hot under the collar while dating his voluptuous badminton coach. Upstanding pillar of the community Lou is elected mayor of Erinsborough, and Helen tries to keep her romance with Reuben under wraps.

Episode 2353
Network Ten: 29/03/1995
BBC: 21/11/1995
UK Gold: 07/11/2001

Jen tearfully watches Philip leave with another woman on his arm, and Ren's dreams of high-flying success are brought swiftly back to earth. Billy and Toadfish prove sportsmanship is not among their more conspicuous qualities.

Episode 2354
Network Ten: 30/03/1995
BBC: 22/11/1995
UK Gold: 08/11/2001

Ren and Danni's devious dealings land them both in hot water, while Marlene gives Sam and Luke a bawling-out to remember. Billy tries his first cigarette and ends up feeling decidedly green.

Episode 2355
Network Ten: 31/03/1995
BBC: 23/11/1995
UK Gold: 09/11/2001

Cheryl is left down in the dumps by Karl's diagnosis of arthritis, while Billy's punishment for smoking goes too far and makes him seriously ill. Philip plucks up courage to ask Jen for a date, and Cody resorts to drastic measures to raise cash for a computer.

Episode 2356
Network Ten: 03/04/1995
BBC: 24/11/1995
UK Gold: 12/11/2001

Malcolm is upset to hear how Danni tricked Libby into giving up her photographic job, while Billy blames Karl for his asthma attack. Philip takes Jen for a game of darts on their first date - will he hit the bullseye in the romance stakes?

Episode 2357
Network Ten: 04/04/1995
BBC: 27/11/1995
UK Gold: 13/11/2001

Philip and Jen's relationship continues to blossom - could it be the romance of the year? Stonefish sets his sights on unsuspecting Cody, resorting to bribery to win her affections, and Sam is sold on the idea of making a fast buck on the horses.

Episode 2358
Network Ten: 05/04/1995
BBC: 28/11/1995
UK Gold: 14/11/2001

Bianca sets off to meet her mother, while an irate Libby finally loses patience with Danni's scheming ways. Ren and Danni step out in style, and the unexpected reappearance of a familiar face leaves Mark reeling.

Episode 2359
Network Ten: 06/04/1995
BBC: 29/11/1995
UK Gold: 15/11/2001

Baby Louise swallows poison, sending Cheryl and Lou into a panic. Glamorous model Lucy Robinson returns to Ramsay Street but can't decide whether to make her stay permanent, while Billy gets Malcolm in his power and tries to embarrass him at school.

Episode 2360
Network Ten: 07/04/1995
BBC: 30/11/1995
UK Gold: 16/11/2001

Libby's offered a dream job as a journalist - but should she believe everything she reads in the papers? Malcolm also finds himself considering a surprising proposition, Karl comes to Louise's rescue and Danni's preoccupation with fashion earns her a dressing-down.

Episode 2361
Network Ten: 10/04/1995
BBC: 01/12/1995
UK Gold: 19/11/2001

Jealousy over another woman leads to a confrontation between Danni and Malcolm, leaving Billy weeping on the sidelines. Lucy has a sad story to tell about her modelling career, while Brett faces the daunting task of filling Libby's shoes.

Episode 2362
Network Ten: 11/04/1995
BBC: 04/12/1995
UK Gold: 20/11/2001

Danni secretly applies for a job as a night-club hostess - but her family immediately become concerned about what the position entails. Brett continues to earn money for his planned trip overseas. Libby fights to control her runaway emotions, and a visitor to Number 30 gives the Ramsay Street residents quite a surprise.

Continuity error: Watch out for Danni's changing nail polish in this and the previous episode!

Episode 2363
Network Ten: 12/04/1995
BBC: 05/12/1995
UK Gold: 21/11/2001

Sam's winning streak comes to an abrupt end, while Lou gets a surprise at the primary school fete. Karl Kennedy finds himself in need of treatment after catching flu, and Susan soon finds him to be a lousy patient. Luke and Libby realise the mutual attraction developing between them could have awkward repercussions.

Episode 2364
Network Ten: 13/04/1995
BBC: 06/12/1995
UK Gold: 22/11/2001

Lucy's return to the street leaves Cody feeling she has nowhere to call home. Jen begins to worry her relationship with Philip will prove to be too much too soon - will she fit in his settled life? Sam passes on his woodwork skills to the local kids, and Karl gets an opportunity to brush up his bedside manner.

Episode 2365
Network Ten: 14/04/1995
BBC: 07/12/1995
UK Gold: 23/11/2001

Lucy's way of repaying Mark's kind gesture makes him feel uneasy, while Sam's gambling addiction continues to cause concern. Philip wants Jen to feel part of the family.

Episode 2366
Network Ten: 17/04/1995
BBC: 08/12/1995
UK Gold: 26/11/2001

Jen's resentment at Philip's over-protectiveness finally boils over, while Lucy begins to feel distinctly unlucky in love. Annalise makes a dramatic reappearance and is looking for love - but promptly succeeds in rubbing Marlene up the wrong way.

Episode 2367
Network Ten: 18/04/1995
BBC: 11/12/1995
UK Gold: 27/11/2001

Lucy's erratic behaviour gives rise to gossip that she may be using drugs, and Cody is relieved to find a permanent home. Mark makes a disturbing discovery about the factory owned by Ren's new partner Kingston, and Marlene faces a moral dilemma.

Episode 2368
Network Ten: 19/04/1995
BBC: 12/12/1995
UK Gold: 28/11/2001

Ren is angry and out for revenge while managing the clothing factory with Cody and Danni. Hannah demands an explanation for Jen's refusal to see Philip and the Ramsay Street residents grow concerned that Susan and Karl are being swindled.

Episode 2369
Network Ten: 20/04/1995
BBC: 13/12/1995
UK Gold: 29/11/2001

Luke has his work cut out steering clear of Libby, and Annalise becomes the bearer of bad tidings, delivering worrying revelations to Sam and Cheryl. The Kennedy household is reduced to chaos as the Devine children descend on Ramsay Street.

Episode 2370
Network Ten: 21/04/1995
BBC: 14/12/1995
UK Gold: 30/11/2001

Mal calls a halt to his 'go slow' with Danni when the pair find themselves alone together. Cheryl makes her feelings known about Brett's planned round-the-world sailing trip, but it only strengthens his resolve in standing up to his domineering mother. Billy and his mates embark on a joyriding spree - with disastrous consequences.

Episode 2371
Network Ten: 24/04/1995
BBC: 15/12/1995
UK Gold: 03/12/2001

Malcolm doesn't have an alibi, so he becomes Karl's prime suspect. Stonefish goes upmarket and up-tempo, and bedding down with Sam causes grief for Annalise.

Episode 2372
Network Ten: 25/04/1995
BBC: 18/12/1995
UK Gold: 04/12/2001

Cheryl clashes with Brett over his travel plans, leaving Lou stuck in the middle, while Jen and Hannah spend some time getting to know each other better. Stonefish plucks up courage to ask Cody for a date, and Annalise calls a truce with Sam.

Episode 2373
Network Ten: 26/04/1995
BBC: 19/12/1995
UK Gold: 05/12/2001

Lucy struggles to conceal her use of drugs and alcohol which causes concern, but is Mark too closely involved? Philip piles on the pressure by asking Jen to become a Ramsay Street resident. Danni and Mal get physical while present-hunting, and Cheryl comes to a decision.

Episode 2374
Network Ten: 27/04/1995
BBC: 20/12/1995
UK Gold: 06/12/2001

Toadfish adds an unpleasant prank on Hannah to his list of crimes, and Lucy wakes up with a shocking hangover after trying to drink all her worries away. Mark is given the sack for stealing food from Lassiter's.

Episode 2375
Network Ten: 28/04/1995
BBC: 21/12/1995
UK Gold: 07/12/2001

Libby is delighted when she finally manages to ensnare Luke. A series of disturbing phone calls leaves the Kennedy's feeling jumpy. Annalise finally blows her lid with Sam after bottling up her feelings too long.
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