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Neighbours Episode Guide: 2326-2350

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Episode 2326
Network Ten: 20/02/1995
BBC: 13/10/1995
UK Gold: 01/10/2001

Brett's illness causes a few sleepless nights for Cheryl, who discovers Lou hasn't had mumps and promptly puts him in quarantine at Marlene's. Annalise receives visitors while recovering from the operation, and fire breaks out at Carpenter's Cars.

Episode 2327
Network Ten: 21/02/1995
BBC: 16/10/1995
UK Gold: 02/10/2001

Cheryl's quick-thinking ensures the car yard culprit is caught, but Lou still faces a race against time to clear his own name before the impending elections. Annalise's attitude to life changes radically as she recovers from her operation.

Episode 2328
Network Ten: 22/02/1995
BBC: 17/10/1995
UK Gold: 03/10/2001

It's a day of comings and goings in Ramsay Street, as Rick returns from Darwin with an offer for Cody, and recovering Annalise plans a life-affirming trip to Europe. Boyfriend Sam is devastated at the thought of losing her, while Malcolm is furious as Libby invades his privacy to snap a picture of him posing and preening.

Episode 2329
Network Ten: 23/02/1995
BBC: 18/10/1995
UK Gold: 04/10/2001

Rick and Cody face up to a tough decision about the future of their relationship, while Billy's loutish friend ruins Marlene's market at the Youth Centre.

Episode 2330
Network Ten: 24/02/1995
BBC: 19/10/1995
UK Gold: 05/10/2001

Tension mounts for Lou as election day arrives, and Karl Kennedy takes drastic steps to force his thieving son Billy back onto the straight and narrow.

Episode 2331
Network Ten: 27/02/1995
BBC: 20/10/1995
UK Gold: 08/10/2001

Lovelorn Malcolm finds a shoulder to cry on, and Billy confronts Toadfish about the shoplifting incident. Karl puts pressure on Susan to have another child - as if he doesn't have enough trouble with the ones he's got already.

Episode 2332
Network Ten: 28/02/1995
BBC: 23/10/1995
UK Gold: 09/10/2001

Marlene and Sam continue bickering over Bianca, while romance blossoms between Danni and Mal. Cody is selected for the cricket finals, but Vince almost blows her cover with a congratulatory kiss witnessed by the coach.

Episode 2333
Network Ten: 01/03/1995
BBC: 24/10/1995
UK Gold: 10/10/2001

Susan agonises over whether to leave the coffee shop and accept a teaching post at Erinsborough High, while Sam enrages Mark by giving Annalise a combined birthday and going-away present - a passionate kiss.

Episode 2334
Network Ten: 02/03/1995
BBC: 25/10/1995
UK Gold: 11/10/2001

Philip's obsession with diet and exercise begins to take its toll, and Cody again dons the persona of Willis Kennedy as the day of the cricket final dawns. Susan considers her career options, and decides to have the best of both worlds - but can she shuffle her schedule to ensure they don't clash?

Episode 2335
Network Ten: 03/03/1995
BBC: 26/10/1995
UK Gold: 12/10/2001

The shop's new assistant makes an instant sale, while Ren and Danni scheme to cut Marlene out of the jewellery range deal. Mark discovers Sam's feelings towards Annalise and considers leaving Ramsay Street.

Episode 2336
Network Ten: 06/03/1995
BBC: 27/10/1995
UK Gold: 15/10/2001

Danni's first day at work ends in disaster, and Mal finds it difficult to keep his cool at the coffee shop. Helen hurriedly has to paint another portrait of the Kennedy family in time for Susan's birthday, while Sam and Bianca bid for a major landscaping project.

Episode 2337
Network Ten: 07/03/1995
BBC: 30/10/1995
UK Gold: 16/10/2001

Rick and Cody have trouble adjusting to the idea of a long-distance relationship, and Hannah is confident of a win in her first gymnastics competition. Danni hankers after Malcolm's body - but only for business purposes.

Episode 2338
Network Ten: 08/03/1995
BBC: 31/10/1995
UK Gold: 17/10/2001

Hannah feels so humiliated at coming last in the gymnastics competition that she refuses to go to school. Lou continues to nag Cheryl to make an honest man of him, while Susan is put on the spot at Erinsborough High when Billy gets caught out for lying.

Episode 2339
Network Ten: 09/03/1995
BBC: 01/11/1995
UK Gold: 18/10/2001

Rick's heart drops as he prepares to leave Ramsay Street, and Susan clashes with Karl as the couple debate whether to have another baby. Sam and Bianca accidentally stumble across the Kennedy canvas, and Helen discovers she has a secret admirer.

Episode 2340
Network Ten: 10/03/1995
BBC: 02/11/1995
UK Gold: 19/10/2001

Cheryl decides to come clean about her reasons for refusing to marry Lou, while Rick and Cody prepare to part. Philip is hesitant about reapplying for his driving licence, and the Kennedys continue to argue over the possibility of making another addition to their family.

Episode 2341
Network Ten: 13/03/1995
BBC: 03/11/1995
UK Gold: 22/10/2001

Helen experiences love at first sight when she finally gets to meet Reuben White, while Ren and Danni struggle to keep up with the business. Lou is amused to discover why Cheryl won't marry him - but he's not laughing for long.

Episode 2342
Network Ten: 14/03/1995
BBC: 06/11/1995
UK Gold: 23/10/2001

Cody and Sam expound the virtues of platonic friendships, while Danni goes over the top trying to change her boyfriend's dorky image. Peace finally descends on the Kennedy household as Susan and Karl stop bickering about whether to have another child and declare a truce.

Episode 2343
Network Ten: 15/03/1995
BBC: 07/11/1995
UK Gold: 24/10/2001

Harsh words from Karl deeply upset Philip, and Hannah resolves to improve her gymnastic performance with a new training programme. Helen gets all excited about a date with Reuben, while Lou's Parkwatch activists go on red alert.

Episode 2344
Network Ten: 16/03/1995
BBC: 08/11/1995
UK Gold: 25/10/2001

Philip decides the only way to find a new partner is to employ the services of a dating agency - not realising how close he is to true love. Lou mobilises the supporters of Parkwatch in an effort to defend the trees from being bulldozed, and Brett gives Bianca a helping hand with her college application.

Episode 2345
Network Ten: 17/03/1995
BBC: 09/11/1995
UK Gold: 26/10/2001

Philip remains blind to the fact that he has a romantic admirer, while Hannah seems to be taking her gymnastic training rather too seriously. Libby finds things getting on top of her at the shop.

Episode 2346
Network Ten: 20/03/1995
BBC: 10/11/1995
UK Gold: 29/10/2001

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Cupid's arrow shoots down Ramsay Street way as Helen and Reuben make sweet music together, and Philip's admirer tries even harder to make him notice her. A robber breaks into the shop - but soon has cause to regret his actions as Libby practises her self-defence skills on him.

Episode 2347
Network Ten: 21/03/1995
BBC: 13/11/1995
UK Gold: 30/10/2001

Mark returns from his rural relief work in a gloomy state of mind. Helen and Reuben throw caution to the wind in embarking on a full-scale romance, while his charming grandson decides to make a play for the ruthless Ren.

Episode 2348
Network Ten: 22/03/1995
BBC: 14/11/1995
UK Gold: 31/10/2001

Libby is overjoyed to be offered a job on the local paper, but the whole affair leaves Danni with a bitter taste in her mouth. Brett and Lou uncover corrupt goings-on at the local council and decide to investigate, while Ren considers the chance of a lifetime.

Episode 2349
Network Ten: 23/03/1995
BBC: 15/11/1995
UK Gold: 01/11/2001

Philip nervously spruces himself up for his blind date, and Danni unleashes a devious plot to persuade Libby to turn down the job with the Erinsborough News. Lou thinks he's finally found proof of dodgy dealings on the council.

Episode 2350
Network Ten: 24/03/1995
BBC: 16/11/1995
UK Gold: 02/11/2001

Sam gives Bianca some vital information about her mother, and Lou resolves to tackle the council. Cheryl consults Karl over the airwaves, as Ramsay Street's doctor debuts as a health phone-in host, though she's less than happy about his diagnosis.
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