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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1076-1100

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Episode 1076
Network Ten: 23/10/1989
BBC: 01/01/1991
UK Gold: 16/12/1996

Henry has an idea to salvage his failing gardening business.

Episode 1077
Network Ten: 24/10/1989
BBC: 02/01/1991
UK Gold: 17/12/1996

Joe makes plans for his future - as a superstar.

Episode 1078
Network Ten: 25/10/1989
BBC: 03/01/1991
UK Gold: 18/12/1996

Sharon plans to call it quits with Nick after their date.

Episode 1079
Network Ten: 26/10/1989
BBC: 04/01/1991
UK Gold: 19/12/1996

Sharon agrees to give Nick another chance, and Jim grows frustrated as Beverly continues to grow more attached to her patient's baby. Is she heading for a fall?

Episode 1080
Network Ten: 27/10/1989
BBC: 07/01/1991
UK Gold: 20/12/1996

Hilary's date stays overnight in Ramsay Street - much to Sharon's surprise.

Episode 1081
Network Ten: 30/10/1989
BBC: 08/01/1991
UK Gold: 23/12/1996

The tables are turned on Hilary when she becomes the talk of Ramsay Street following news about her romance.

Episode 1082
Network Ten: 31/10/1989
BBC: 09/01/1991
UK Gold: 24/12/1996

Sharon keeps her romantic options open, much to Nick's distress who is finding it hard to come to terms with Sharon dating other men.

Episode 1083
Network Ten: 01/11/1989
BBC: 10/01/1991
UK Gold: 27/12/1996

Sharon's flirtatious behaviour causes a commotion and raises a few eyebrows.

Episode 1084
Network Ten: 02/11/1989
BBC: 11/01/1991

Details to follow

Note: shown as part of UK Gold omnibus episode on 28/12/96

Episode 1085
Network Ten: 03/11/1989
BBC: 14/01/1991

Details to follow

Note: shown as part of UK Gold omnibus episode on 28/12/96

Episode 1086
Network Ten: 06/11/1989
BBC: 15/01/1991
UK Gold: 30/12/1996

Toby and Lochy are petrified when they break into an apparently haunted house.

Episode 1087
Network Ten: 07/11/1989
BBC: 16/01/1991
UK Gold: 31/12/1996

Nick and Lucy see each other through new eyes, but will it lead to romance?

Episode 1088
Network Ten: 08/11/1989
BBC: 17/01/1991
UK Gold: 01/01/1997

Jim makes a disturbing discovery about Lucy.

Episode 1089
Network Ten: 09/11/1989
BBC: 18/01/1991
UK Gold: 02/01/1997

Matt meets a ghost in Joe's garden.

Episode 1090
Network Ten: 10/11/1989
BBC: 21/01/1991
UK Gold: 03/01/1997

Harold jumps to a hasty conclusion, while Henry arranges a date.

Episode 1091
Network Ten: 13/11/1989
BBC: 22/01/1991
UK Gold: 06/01/1997

The tension between Joe and Harold mounts.

Episode 1092
Network Ten: 14/11/1989
BBC: 23/01/1991
UK Gold: 07/01/1997

Cass falls head over heels for Henry, and the long arm of the law catches up with Nick and Lucy.

Episode 1093
Network Ten: 15/11/1989
BBC: 24/01/1991
UK Gold: 08/01/1997

Paul thinks he may be fined after Nick and Lucy are arrested on the complex for underage drinking at the Waterhole.

Episode 1094
Network Ten: 16/11/1989
BBC: 25/01/1991
UK Gold: 09/01/1997

Paul is increasingly bitter about Gail's behaviour after she tries to get even.

Episode 1095
Network Ten: 17/11/1989
BBC: 28/01/1991
UK Gold: 10/01/1997

Madge repels a mugger, and Henry is offered a job in New Zealand with a radio station just a Bronwyn is becoming more attracted to him.

Episode 1096
Network Ten: 20/11/1989
BBC: 29/01/1991
UK Gold: 13/01/1997

Lucy realises she still loves Nick and tries to patch up their relationship - with little success.

Episode 1097
Network Ten: 21/11/1989
BBC: 30/01/1991
UK Gold: 14/01/1997

Nick decides to split up with Lucy, and Des returns from London - alone.

Episode 1098
Network Ten: 22/11/1989
BBC: 31/01/1991
UK Gold: 15/01/1997

Henry surprises Bronwyn with the news that he intends to leave Ramsay Street for to New Zealand without her.

Episode 1099
Network Ten: 23/11/1989
BBC: 01/02/1991
UK Gold: 16/01/1997

Madge and Bronwyn say a tearful farewell.

Episode 1100
Network Ten: 24/11/1989
BBC: 04/02/1991
UK Gold: 17/01/1997

Todd finds himself with a date for the social with the lovely Cody Willis.
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