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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1051-1075

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Episode 1051
Network Ten: 18/09/1989
BBC: 23/11/1990
UK Gold: 11/11/1996

Madge becomes convinced that Harold has gone for good.

Episode 1052
Network Ten: 19/09/1989
BBC: 26/11/1990
UK Gold: 12/11/1996

Gail makes an important decision concerning her marriage.

Episode 1053
Network Ten: 20/09/1989
BBC: 27/11/1990
UK Gold: 13/11/1996

Paul faces mounting problems, and Todd's love-life suffers a devastating blow.

Episode 1054
Network Ten: 21/09/1989
BBC: 28/11/1990
UK Gold: 14/11/1996

Kerry's surprise confession shocks Des, and Todd contracts a mystery illness.

Episode 1055
Network Ten: 22/09/1989
BBC: 29/11/1990
UK Gold: 15/11/1996

Henry gives Bronwyn startling news and matters go from bad to worse for Des.

Episode 1056
Network Ten: 25/09/1989
BBC: 30/11/1990
UK Gold: 18/11/1996

Henry gets the shock of his life, and the wedding is in jeopardy. Bronwyn stands by her father.

Episode 1057
Network Ten: 26/09/1989
BBC: 03/12/1990
UK Gold: 19/11/1996

The Ramsay Street wedding of the year is threatened, and Henry races against time.

Episode 1058
Network Ten: 27/09/1989
BBC: 04/12/1990
UK Gold: 20/11/1996

The wedding of the year falls apart at the seams, and memories of Jane upset Des.

Episode 1059
Network Ten: 28/09/1989
BBC: 05/12/1990
UK Gold: 21/11/1996

Paul's personal problems make it hard for him to keep his ailing business together.

Episode 1060
Network Ten: 29/09/1989
BBC: 06/12/1990
UK Gold: 22/11/1996

Sharon's bizarre behaviour puzzles both Nick and Matt, while Todd takes drastic steps to see Melissa.

Episode 1061
Network Ten: 02/10/1989
BBC: 07/12/1990
UK Gold: 25/11/1996

Details to follow

Episode 1062
Network Ten: 03/10/1989
BBC: 10/12/1990
UK Gold: 26/11/1996

Beverly faces a difficult ethical dilemma, and an old face returns to the street.

Episode 1063
Network Ten: 04/10/1989
BBC: 11/12/1990
UK Gold: 27/11/1996

Paul tries to find Gail, while Todd savours the sweet taste of revenge as he gets back at an unsuspecting Hilary.

Episode 1064
Network Ten: 05/10/1989
BBC: 12/12/1990
UK Gold: 28/11/1996

Joe's spring cleaning turns up a sentimental reminder of the past and a prank backfires on Hilary.

Episode 1065
Network Ten: 06/10/1989
BBC: 13/12/1990
UK Gold: 29/11/1996

Kerry makes amends for her behaviour and makes the ultimate sacrifice, while Matt and Nick's mucking about has dire consequences.

Episode 1066
Network Ten: 09/10/1989
BBC: 14/12/1990
UK Gold: 02/12/1996

The Reverend Richards arrives in Ramsay Street and scuppers someone's romantic plans. More mundane matters put the mockers on Madge's romantic plans.

Episode 1067
Network Ten: 10/10/1989
BBC: 17/12/1990
UK Gold: 03/12/1996

Paul's determination to find Gail causes concern havoc in the Robinson household.

Episode 1068
Network Ten: 11/10/1989
BBC: 18/12/1990
UK Gold: 04/12/1996

Nick tells a devastated Sharon he needs a break from her constant attentions and wants to end their relationship.

Episode 1069
Network Ten: 12/10/1989
BBC: 19/12/1990
UK Gold: 05/12/1996

Beverly is faced with having to choose between her professional ethics and Paul's rights as a father.

Episode 1070
Network Ten: 13/10/1989
BBC: 20/12/1990
UK Gold: 06/12/1996

A rift develops between Jim and Beverly over Paul's rights to see his children. Will they ever be able to resolve their differences?

Episode 1071
Network Ten: 16/10/1989
BBC: 21/12/1990
UK Gold: 09/12/1996

Harold and Joe have a violent argument when Joe confesses to Harold that he has ruined his garden with weedkiller - is their dispute bound to end in tears?

Episode 1072
Network Ten: 17/10/1989
BBC: 24/12/1990
UK Gold: 10/12/1996

Paul's determination to find Gail causes concern among the other Ramsay Street residents. Des receives a distressing phone call.

Episode 1073
Network Ten: 18/10/1989
BBC: 27/12/1990
UK Gold: 11/12/1996

Nick tells Sharon he needs a break from her constant attentions. An angry Joe discovers who has been poaching all his customers.

Episode 1074
Network Ten: 19/10/1989
BBC: 28/12/1990
UK Gold: 12/12/1996

Beverly is forced to make a tough decision. Henry decides to put some life into Erinsborough Radio - but how?

Episode 1075
Network Ten: 20/10/1989
BBC: 31/12/1990
UK Gold: 13/12/1996

Nick grows increasingly ill with meningitis.
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