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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1101-1125

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Episode 1101
Network Ten: 27/11/1989
BBC: 05/02/1991
UK Gold: 20/01/1997

Harold finds a way of getting revenge on Joe.

Episode 1102
Network Ten: 28/11/1989
BBC: 06/02/1991
UK Gold: 21/01/1997

Melanie and Bronwyn are close to discovering that Kerry is 'Dear George'.

Episode 1103
Network Ten: 29/11/1989
BBC: 07/02/1991
UK Gold: 22/01/1997

Lucy believes that the only way to get on with Jim is to leave.

Episode 1104
Network Ten: 30/11/1989
BBC: 08/02/1991
UK Gold: 23/01/1997

Todd betrays Melissa by kissing Cody.

Episode 1105
Network Ten: 01/12/1989
BBC: 11/02/1991
UK Gold: 24/01/1997

Mike's teaching job at school is in jeopardy.

Episode 1106
Network Ten: 04/12/1989
BBC: 12/02/1991
UK Gold: 27/01/1997

Mike's good intentions cost him dearly.

Episode 1107
Network Ten: 05/12/1989
BBC: 13/02/1991
UK Gold: 28/01/1997

Des gets a new job as an accountant much to his great surprise.

Episode 1108
Network Ten: 06/12/1989
BBC: 14/02/1991
UK Gold: 29/01/1997

Mike has a change of heart after he hears about his mother's accident and decides to go and visit her.

Episode 1109
Network Ten: 07/12/1989
BBC: 15/02/1991
UK Gold: 30/01/1997

Helen is the cause of an accident.

Episode 1110
Network Ten: 08/12/1989
BBC: 18/02/1991
UK Gold: 31/01/1997

The coffee shop is threatened with closure.

Episode 1111
Network Ten: 11/12/1989
BBC: 19/02/1991
UK Gold: 03/02/1997

Helen wins a personal victory and Gloria makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 1112
Network Ten: 12/12/1989
BBC: 20/02/1991
UK Gold: 04/02/1997

Written by Malcolm Frawley
Directed by Kendal Flanagan
Guest stars include
Wally Brown: Brad Lindsay

Details to follow

Episode 1113
Network Ten: 13/12/1989
BBC: 21/02/1991
UK Gold: 05/02/1997

Written by Jason Daniel
Directed by Kendal Flanagan

1989 Series Finale
Details to follow

Episode 1114
Network Ten: 11/01/1990
BBC: 22/02/1991
UK Gold: 06/02/1997

1990 Series Return
Details to follow

Episode 1115
Network Ten: 12/01/1990
BBC: 25/02/1991
UK Gold: 07/02/1997

Beverly's devotion to Rhys may cost her dearly.

Episode 1116
Network Ten: 15/01/1990
BBC: 26/02/1991
UK Gold: 10/02/1997

Jim discovers the blackmail plot against Beverly.

Episode 1117
Network Ten: 16/01/1990
BBC: 27/02/1991
UK Gold: 11/02/1997

Beverly is upset by Jim's reaction to her blackmail ordeal.

Episode 1118
Network Ten: 17/01/1990
BBC: 28/02/1991
UK Gold: 12/02/1997

Beverly is distressed by Debra's threat to put the baby up for adoption.

Episode 1119
Network Ten: 18/01/1990
BBC: 01/03/1991
UK Gold: 13/02/1997

Madge threatens Paul with legal action.

Episode 1120
Network Ten: 19/01/1990
BBC: 04/03/1991
UK Gold: 14/02/1997

Hilary is concerned by a new arrival's evident lack of morals.

Episode 1121
Network Ten: 22/01/1990
BBC: 05/03/1991
UK Gold: 17/02/1997

Paul introduces his new assistant manager. But is she all she seems?

Episode 1122
Network Ten: 23/01/1990
BBC: 06/03/1991
UK Gold: 18/02/1997

Caroline has a confrontation with Hilary.

Episode 1123
Network Ten: 24/01/1990
BBC: 07/03/1991
UK Gold: 19/02/1997

Melanie is more than a little surprised to discover she has a secret admirer.

Episode 1124
Network Ten: 25/01/1990
BBC: 08/03/1991
UK Gold: 20/02/1997

Melissa asks for Sharon's help in her plan to win back Todd.

Episode 1125
Network Ten: 26/01/1990
BBC: 11/03/1991
UK Gold: 21/02/1997

Jim and Beverly discover they must hand baby Rhys over to the authorities.
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