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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1026-1050

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Episode 1026
Network Ten: 14/08/1989
BBC: 19/10/1990
UK Gold: 07/10/1996

Bad news for Henry.

Episode 1027
Network Ten: 15/08/1989
BBC: 22/10/1990
UK Gold: 08/10/1996

Des and Jane fall out, and Bronwyn thinks that she has made a terrible mistake.

Episode 1028
Network Ten: 16/08/1989
BBC: 23/10/1990
UK Gold: 09/10/1996

Gail's conviction leads to further problems for Ramsay Street.

Episode 1029
Network Ten: 17/08/1989
BBC: 24/10/1990
UK Gold: 10/10/1996

Harold seeks comfort from a dangerous source.

Episode 1030
Network Ten: 18/08/1989
BBC: 25/10/1990
UK Gold: 11/10/1996

Details to follow

Episode 1031
Network Ten: 21/08/1989
BBC: 26/10/1990
UK Gold: 14/10/1996

Jane and Des' wedding plans hit rocky ground.

Episode 1032
Network Ten: 22/08/1989
BBC: 29/10/1990
UK Gold: 15/10/1996

Bronwyn attempts to clear the air between her and Mike.

Episode 1033
Network Ten: 23/08/1989
BBC: 30/10/1990
UK Gold: 16/10/1996

Henry has got a double wedding on his mind.

Episode 1034
Network Ten: 24/08/1989
BBC: 31/10/1990
UK Gold: 17/10/1996

Todd's is not happy when his mother calls and wants him back in Adelaide.

Episode 1035
Network Ten: 25/08/1989
BBC: 01/11/1990
UK Gold: 18/10/1996

Beverly's trip is in doubt when she has an accident.

Episode 1036
Network Ten: 28/08/1989
BBC: 02/11/1990
UK Gold: 21/10/1996

Joe and Kerry discover their fears are well-founded.

Episode 1037
Network Ten: 29/08/1989
BBC: 05/11/1990
UK Gold: 22/10/1996

Madge makes a shocking discovery which puts a cloud over her recent marriage.

Episode 1038
Network Ten: 30/08/1989
BBC: 06/11/1990
UK Gold: 23/10/1996

Mike pushes his luck with Matt just a little too far.

Episode 1039
Network Ten: 31/08/1989
BBC: 07/11/1990
UK Gold: 24/10/1996

Henry tries to impress in his new job by injecting some get-up-and-go.

Episode 1040
Network Ten: 01/09/1989
BBC: 08/11/1990
UK Gold: 25/10/1996

The Robinson household is thrown into turmoil, while the Bishops' young marriage faces another huge problem.

Episode 1041
Network Ten: 04/09/1989
BBC: 09/11/1990
UK Gold: 28/10/1996

Jane makes a very difficult decision, while Harold and Madge's relationship goes rapidly from bad to worse.

Episode 1042
Network Ten: 05/09/1989
BBC: 12/11/1990
UK Gold: 29/10/1996

Henry makes a grave mistake, and Gail's past returns to haunt her.

Episode 1043
Network Ten: 06/09/1989
BBC: 13/11/1990
UK Gold: 30/10/1996

Mike is pushing Matt too far for the second time.

Episode 1044
Network Ten: 07/09/1989
BBC: 14/11/1990
UK Gold: 31/10/1996

Nick takes offence when his work is criticised, while Hilary is back to her old self with a vengeance.

Episode 1045
Network Ten: 08/09/1989
BBC: 15/11/1990
UK Gold: 01/11/1996

Mary bids farewell to Joe and Kerry, and Jim makes a disturbing discovery about the parts bought by Rob.

Episode 1046
Network Ten: 11/09/1989
BBC: 16/11/1990
UK Gold: 04/11/1996

Paul accuses Rob of being a crook, while Henry once again thinks he's found a suitable career - is he getting his hopes up prematurely?

Episode 1047
Network Ten: 12/09/1989
BBC: 19/11/1990
UK Gold: 05/11/1996

Rob's life hangs in the balance, while Jim suspects that Todd and Melissa's relationship is not quite as innocent as it seems.

Episode 1048
Network Ten: 13/09/1989
BBC: 20/11/1990
UK Gold: 06/11/1996

Joe and Kerry come to an agreement over their wedding vows.

Episode 1049
Network Ten: 14/09/1989
BBC: 21/11/1990
UK Gold: 07/11/1996

Residents join the increasingly desperate search for Harold and Toby, while Des makes a decision which threatens his entire business.

Episode 1050
Network Ten: 15/09/1989
BBC: 22/11/1990
UK Gold: 08/11/1996

Gail gets some shattering news and Nick discovers the truth behind a mystery.
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