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Neighbours Episode Guide: 4576-4600

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Episode 4576
Network Ten: 27/09/2004
BBC: 09/12/2004

Written by Philippa Burne
Directed by Tony Osicka
Guest stars
Lana Crawford: Bridget Neval
Luka Dokich: Keelan O'Hehir
Peter Parthimos: Kane Alexander
Brendan Bond: Michael Wahr
Muggsley Denniston: Jade Amantea

True Confession
Sky breaks through to Lana. Stingray and Boyd have a narrow escape from the police. Stuart has a difficult return to work. The tension continues between Max and Lyn. Harold gets a new look.

Episode 4577
Network Ten: 28/09/2004
BBC: 10/12/2004

Written by Sarah Mayberry
Directed by Tony Osicka
Guest stars
Lana Crawford: Bridget Neval

Schoolyard Jungle
Sky breaks up with Boyd after Lana's secret is exposed. Stingray acts to save Boyd from danger. Karl realises he is being a jaded old man. Max's needle phobia is exposed.

Episode 4578
Network Ten: 29/09/2004
BBC: 13/12/2004

Written by Jenny Lewis
Directed by Tony Osicka
Guest stars
Lana Crawford: Bridget Neval
Luka Dokich: Keelan O'Hehir
Bill Merchant: Glen Maynard

Love Me Or Leave Me
Sky prepares to lie for Lana. Serena and Luka decide to take their relationship to the next level. Sindi feels she's being exploited as a sex object.

Episode 4579
Network Ten: 30/09/2004
BBC: 14/12/2004

Written by Noel Maloney
Directed by Tony Osicka
Guest stars
Svetlanka Ristic: Deidre Rubenstein
Luka Dokich: Keelan O'Hehir
Lisa Jeffries: Rhiannon Fish

Lil collapses at work. Serena and Luka are interrupted consummating their passion. Connor cannot shift Lou's affections from Carol. Summer finds out about Caleb's imminent return. Harold doesn't know when to stop talking about his love life.

Episode 4580
Network Ten: 01/10/2004
BBC: 15/12/2004

Written by John Hanlon
Directed by Tony Osicka
Guest stars
Svetlanka Ristic: Deidre Rubenstein

The Wake
Lil's illness is revealed as potentially fatal. Sindi and Stuart's feuding gives way to passion.

Episode 4581
Network Ten: 04/10/2004
BBC: 16/12/2004

The search for a liver donor for Liljana widens to the rest of the family. Sindi and Stu both struggle to come to terms with their moment of passion. Despite the crisis facing her family, Serena continues to see Luka. Jack tries to force Lyn to tell Joe about her resistance to moving to the country.

Episode 4582
Network Ten: 05/10/2004
BBC: 17/12/2004

Lana is forced to finally come out. Stu's confusion about his attraction to Sindi causes him to blow up at his partner. Susan and Libby find themselves in a comic standoff over a guilty pleasure. Lou turns the tables on some Erinsborough High students.

Episode 4583
Network Ten: 06/10/2004
BBC: 04/01/2005

Lana's brave act has devastating consequences. Lyn faces up to the fact that her marriage is in trouble. Steph keeps her hormone treatment side-effects from Max.

Episode 4584
Network Ten: 07/10/2004
BBC: 05/01/2005

When Summer is threatened as a result of Boyd's poster wars, he is forced to tell Max the whole story. Steph is concerned for Lyn's changing heart over Joe. Karl becomes jealous of Izzy's psychiatrist, Dr Levi.

Episode 4585
Network Ten: 08/10/2004
BBC: 06/01/2005

Svetlanka's forced to tell Karl the truth about Luka. Karl's insecurities come to the fore. Max worries about Boyd. Lou's obsession about Carol grows.

Episode 4586
Network Ten: 11/10/2004
BBC: 07/01/2005

Luka saves Liljana's life but the net tightens around Svetlanka.

Episode 4587
Network Ten: 12/10/2004
BBC: 10/01/2005

Svetlanka tells Serena the shocking truth - Luka is her half-brother. Sky's deeper feelings for Lana become apparent. Summer is unable to go through with her plan to pay Caleb back. Karl is embarrassed by a case of mistaken identity.

Episode 4588
Network Ten: 13/10/2004
BBC: 11/01/2005

Sindi confesses to Toadie about her kiss with Stuart. Lyn fears her marriage is over. Connor is forced to tell Lou that he is 'Carol'. Carmella makes a surprise return to Ramsay Street.

Episode 4589
Network Ten: 14/10/2004
BBC: 12/01/2005

A Molotov cocktail threatens the Hoyland home as a consequence of Boyd's poster wars. Toadie's rage over Sindi and Stu's betrayal proves unforgiving. Lyn falls back into the shoplifting. Steph and Max jump another hurdle of IVF. Connor proves to be putty in Carmell's hands.

Episode 4590
Network Ten: 15/10/2004
BBC: 13/01/2005

Boyd struggles to end the cycle of violence with Travis. Boyd breaks up with Sky. Libby and Susan cop flak from conservative parents.

Episode 4591
Network Ten: 18/10/2004
BBC: 14/01/2005

Boyd finds himself in mortal danger. Susan and Libby clash with conservative parents. Jack and Steph take sides in their parents' marriage crisis.

Episode 4592
Network Ten: 19/10/2004
BBC: 17/01/2005

Stuart finds Boyd in time. Luka finally learns the truth. Toadie takes on a new case, but is he doing it to spite Stuart?

Episode 4593
Network Ten: 20/10/2004
BBC: 18/01/2005

The Bishops react to the shocking news. Sky struggles with her feelings of jealousy over Lana's love live. Lou becomes worried about how he's perceived by the wider community.

Episode 4594
Network Ten: 21/10/2004
BBC: 19/01/2005

Susan confronts Lyn over the deeper reasons behind her shoplifting. Sindi discovers her new boss is Carmella. Karl refuses to admit to computer incompetence. Connor finds Carmella's temptress ways impossible to resist.

Episode 4595
Network Ten: 22/10/2004
BBC: 20/01/2005

Lyn ends her marriage with Joe. Sky is confused by her growing feelings for Lana. Izzy decides to fight her phobia and put her trust in Karl. Toadie and Sindi continue their standoff. Connor perversely enjoys Carmella's demeaning treatment.

Episode 4596
Network Ten: 25/10/2004
BBC: 21/01/2005

A tragic accident puts the lives of Izzy and her baby at risk. Toadie and Sindi reunite but can they put the past behind them? Unable to stand the tension any longer, Connor makes a play for Carmella.

Episode 4597
Network Ten: 26/10/2004
BBC: 24/01/2005

Karma strikes Izzy and Karl. Confused by her feelings for Lana, Sky confides in Libby. Lyn worries that her marriage breakup is tearing her children apart.

Episode 4598
Network Ten: 27/10/2004
BBC: 25/01/2005

David and Serena are uneasy with Lil and Luka's bonding. Harold is desperate to keep Svetlanka from going home. Stingray plays a prank on Lana and Sky.

Episode 4599
Network Ten: 28/10/2004
BBC: 26/01/2005

Karl drowns his grief with alcohol. Svetlanka leaves and Harold's heart is broken. Lyn finds a new career path.

Episode 4600
Network Ten: 29/10/2004
BBC: 27/01/2005

Stuart finally confesses that he is in love with Sindi. Max is disconcerted by an unusual idea of Summer's. Connor finally stands up to Carmella. Susan, Lyn and Libby have a date with a heartthrob.
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