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Neighbours Episode Guide: 4601-4625

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Episode 4601
Network Ten: 01/11/2004
BBC: 28/01/2005

Susan tries to save Karl from falling into old habits. A tentative truce is reached at Number 30 but Stuart's secret feelings for Sindi remain strong. Sindi advises Libby to live a little with Alessandro and Darren Stark contacts Libby out of the blue. Summer tries being a boy for a day.

Episode 4602
Network Ten: 02/11/2004
BBC: 31/01/2005

Karl pulls himself together for Izzy's homecoming, but Izzy is in denial. In a moment of pure emotion, Sky kisses Lana. Connor meets Carmella's mother.

Episode 4603
Network Ten: 03/11/2004
BBC: 01/02/2005

Sky breaks Lana's heart. Luka continues to divide the Bishops. Max and Lyn clash over Lyn's new career choice.

Episode 4604
Network Ten: 04/11/2004
BBC: 02/02/2005

Sky's indiscretion brings her world crashing down. Luka's presence continues to cause angst in the Bishop family. Izzy's way of coping with her tragedy causes concern. Serena and Stingray grow closer again.

Episode 4605
Network Ten: 05/11/2004
BBC: 03/02/2005

Sindi can't handle Stuart's promiscuity. Libby must decide if she will leave Erinsborough for love. Stingray rushes things with Serena.

Episode 4606
Network Ten: 08/11/2004
BBC: 04/02/2005

Grieving Izzy seeks comfort in Jack's arms. Carmella competes with Maddy for Connor's affections. Summer tackles the puberty blues.

Episode 4607
Network Ten: 09/11/2004
BBC: 07/02/2005

With Steph's help, Izzy finally releases her despair. Izzy gives Susan the opportunity to take Karl back. Sky struggles to accept that she has lost Boyd forever.

Episode 4608
Network Ten: 10/11/2004
BBC: 08/02/2005

Luka and Liljana's search for Ivan comes to a shocking end. Serena intervenes in Sky's troubles. Connor and Carmella's bond becomes stronger, but there's trouble ahead.

Episode 4609
Network Ten: 11/11/2004
BBC: 09/02/2005

Luka's determined to have the family he never had. Serena and Liljana air their fears about Luka. Sindi gets the wrong impression regarding Toadie's marital intentions. Stingray's Mum arrives in Erinsborough. Sindi makes a faux-pas with Susan.

Episode 4610
Network Ten: 12/11/2004
BBC: 10/02/2005

Janelle's behaviour divides the Street. Convinced Toadie is about to propose, Sindi is confused about her feelings.

Episode 4611
Network Ten: 15/11/2004
BBC: 11/02/2005

Janelle asks Stingray to make a difficult sacrifice. Sky devises a plan to win Boyd back.

Episode 4612
Network Ten: 16/11/2004
BBC: 14/02/2005

Stingray is caught in an emotional tug-of-war. Toadie ends his relationship with Sindi. Karl feels estranged from Izzy. Janelle wreaks havoc at a clothes swap party and Lil finds an unexpected ally in Izzy.

Episode 4613
Network Ten: 17/11/2004
BBC: 15/02/2005

Connor's relationship with Maddy is threatened. Karl and Izzy's future is put to the test. Sindi and Stuart try to fight their growing attraction.

Episode 4614
Network Ten: 18/11/2004
BBC: 16/02/2005

Serena discovers the truth about Luka and confronts him with it. Connor has doubts about Carmella. Lyn and Max learn to tango.

Episode 4615
Network Ten: 19/11/2004
BBC: 17/02/2005

Serena convinces Luka to leave Erinsborough. Sky's bid to win Boyd back is unsuccessful. Susan tells Karl some home truths about his relationship with Izzy. Max reaps some unexpected rewards from the tango challenge.

Episode 4616
Network Ten: 22/11/2004
BBC: 18/02/2005

Stuart, Toadie and Sindi are caught in a bank hold-up. Toadie offers Connor a drastic solution to his custody problem. Liljana accuses David of celebrating Luka's departure.

Episode 4617
Network Ten: 23/11/2004
BBC: 21/02/2005

Stu's heroic actions end the bank siege. A dangerous new romance blossoms between Boyd and Serena. Susan draws the line at giving Karl advice on his love life. Toadie settles Janelle's case out of court.

Episode 4618
Network Ten: 24/11/2004
BBC: 22/02/2005

A tragic shock awaits Lyn. Serena and Boyd continue their affair in secret. Janelle has a surprise for Stingray. Lou makes a macabre discovery.

Episode 4619
Network Ten: 25/11/2004
BBC: 23/02/2005

Out of desperation, Karl and Izzy set a date for their wedding. Lyn discovers the severity of Charlie's illness. Harold and Lou report their gruesome find to the police.

Episode 4620
Network Ten: 26/11/2004
BBC: 24/02/2005

Connor takes extreme measures to keep his daughter. Izzy agrees to marry Karl under false pretences.

Episode 4621
Network Ten: 29/11/2004
BBC: 25/02/2005

Sindi and Stuart surrender to their attraction. Connor fights to keep Maddy in his life. Steph braces herself for motherhood.

Episode 4622
Network Ten: 30/11/2004
BBC: 28/02/2005

Love does not run smoothly for Sindi and Stuart. Stingray puts aside his hopes for the future. Serena makes Boyd an offer he can't refuse.

Episode 4623
Network Ten: 01/12/2004
BBC: 01/03/2005

Charlie's life is endangered when Steph attempts to grant his dying wish. Sky alienates Boyd with a misguided prank. Stingray harbours false hopes for him and Serena. Karl asks Susan to appeal to their children on his behalf. Lou's backyard bone is human.

Episode 4624
Network Ten: 02/12/2004
BBC: 02/03/2005

Lyn and Steph clash over Charlie's treatment. Izzy receives some shocking news. Steph struggles to find balance in her parenting.

Episode 4625
Network Ten: 03/12/2004
BBC: 03/03/2005

A desperate Izzy covers her tracks. Stingray stands up to his Mum. Connor is ashamed to tell Carmella the truth. David's white lie is getting out of control.
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