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Neighbours Episode Guide: 351-375

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Episode 351
Network Ten: 29/09/1986
BBC: 11/03/1988
UK Gold: 07/03/1994

Written by Dave Worthington
Directed by Paul Moloney
Guest stars
Molly Meldrum
Lynne Randell

Scott, Mike and Charlene turn up for the bogus appointment.

Note: Guest appearance of Molly Meldrum

Episode 352
Network Ten: 30/09/1986
BBC: 14/03/1988
UK Gold: 08/03/1994

Scott's dreams of becoming a rock star are shattered.

Episode 353
Network Ten: 01/10/1986
BBC: 15/03/1988
UK Gold: 09/03/1994

Written by Rick Maier
Directed by Paul Moloney
Guest stars
Molly Meldrum
Brian Hansen: John Finlayson
Ruth: Stephanie Daniel

Scott is jealous when Charlene gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

Episode 354
Network Ten: 02/10/1986
BBC: 16/03/1988
UK Gold: 10/03/1994

Jane confronts Mike and Nikki in each other's arms after Nikki returns to Erinsborough.

Episode 355
Network Ten: 03/10/1986
BBC: 17/03/1988
UK Gold: 11/03/1994

Jane's jealousy of Nikki causes a rift between her and Mike.

Episode 356
Network Ten: 06/10/1986
BBC: 18/03/1988
UK Gold: 14/03/1994

Details to follow

Episode 357
Network Ten: 07/10/1986
BBC: 21/03/1988
UK Gold: 15/03/1994

Details to follow

Episode 358
Network Ten: 08/10/1986
BBC: 22/03/1988
UK Gold: 16/03/1994

Helen discovers a well kept secret which causes her to break off her links with Laura.

Episode 359
Network Ten: 09/10/1986
BBC: 23/03/1988
UK Gold: 17/03/1994

Madge confronts Charlene about her recent behaviour.

Episode 360
Network Ten: 10/10/1986
BBC: 24/03/1988
UK Gold: 18/03/1994

Guest stars
Laura: Carole Skinner
Nikki: Charlene Fenn

Paul reminds Helen of some unpleasant truths about the way she sometimes treated her late husband Bill.

Episode 361
Network Ten: 13/10/1986
BBC: 25/03/1988
UK Gold: 21/03/1994

Helen makes amends to Laura by inviting her to visit Rosemary in America. Charlene decides to have a great time during Madge's absence.

Episode 362
Network Ten: 14/10/1986
BBC: 28/03/1988
UK Gold: 22/03/1994

Des's jealousy begins to show when Philip beats him at 'Trivial Pursuit'. Clive confesses his love for Susan to Daphne and Des and expresses his regret that he cannot offer her stability in life.

Episode 363
Network Ten: 15/10/1986
BBC: 29/03/1988
UK Gold: 23/03/1994

Nikki and Laura finally sort out their relationship. Clive returns after his grandfather's funeral.

Episode 364
Network Ten: 16/10/1986
BBC: 30/03/1988
UK Gold: 24/03/1994

Paul disapproves of Clive's plan to trick his Uncle Ted by pretending to be the perfect example of a successful married man.

Episode 365
Network Ten: 17/10/1986
BBC: 31/03/1988
UK Gold: 25/03/1994

Shane is concerned by Charlene's drinking. Uncle Ted stays longer than expected, which means that Susan and Clive must continue pretending to be the perfect couple.

Episode 366
Network Ten: 20/10/1986
BBC: 01/04/1988
UK Gold: 28/03/1994

Paul's relationship with Susan is turned upside down when he receives an unexpected letter from his ex-wife, Terri, but he tears it up before reading it.

Episode 367
Network Ten: 21/10/1986
BBC: 04/04/1988
UK Gold: 29/03/1994

Ted confronts Clive about his "unfaithful wife" after he sees Paul kissing Susan. In a surge of sincerity, Clive confesses the truth to him.

Episode 368
Network Ten: 22/10/1986
BBC: 05/04/1988
UK Gold: 30/03/1994

Charlene is led astray by Warren. Paul decides to visit Terri in prison.

Episode 369
Network Ten: 23/10/1986
BBC: 06/04/1988
UK Gold: 31/03/1994

Ray blames Charlene when Warren ends up in hospital. By spreading an false rumour about Warren and Charlene, Sue succeeds in making Scott jealous.

Episode 370
Network Ten: 24/10/1986
BBC: 07/04/1988
UK Gold: 01/04/1994

Written by Ginny Lowndes
Directed by Gaye Arnold
Guest stars
Ray: Norman Yemm
Warren: Ben Mendelsohn
Nikki: Charlene Fenn

Ray and Charlene go to the hospital where Warren tells them what has happened. Charlene feels the whole world is against her.

Episode 371
Network Ten: 27/10/1986
BBC: 08/04/1988
UK Gold: 04/04/1994

Charlene anxiously awaits the return of her mother, and decides to run away to avoid facing the consequences of her actions.

Episode 372
Network Ten: 28/10/1986
BBC: 11/04/1988
UK Gold: 05/04/1994

Lucy feels ill so Jim allows her to take a day off, although Scott believes she is faking illness to dodge school.

Episode 373
Network Ten: 29/10/1986
BBC: 12/04/1988
UK Gold: 06/04/1994

Madge and Ray come to an understanding.

Episode 374
Network Ten: 30/10/1986
BBC: 13/04/1988
UK Gold: 07/04/1994

Lucy is found.

Episode 375
Network Ten: 31/10/1986
BBC: 14/04/1988
UK Gold: 08/04/1994

Paul's grief has repercussions for Susan.
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