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Neighbours Episode Guide: 326-350

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Episode 326
Network Ten: 25/08/1986
BBC: 05/02/1988
UK Gold: 31/01/1994

Daphne lies seriously ill.

Episode 327
Network Ten: 26/08/1986
BBC: 08/02/1988
UK Gold: 01/02/1994

As Daphne hovers between life and death, Clive faces a crisis of confidence in his medical ability.

Episode 328
Network Ten: 27/08/1986
BBC: 09/02/1988
UK Gold: 02/02/1994

Madge wants to know why her father has arrived in Ramsay Street without her mother.

Episode 329
Network Ten: 28/08/1986
BBC: 10/02/1988
UK Gold: 03/02/1994

Paul is determined to punish Scott and Lucy. Zoe receives a tempting offer.

Episode 330
Network Ten: 29/08/1986
BBC: 11/02/1988
UK Gold: 04/02/1994

Madge discovers the secret surrounding her father's arrival. Jim upsets Scott.

Episode 331
Network Ten: 01/09/1986
BBC: 12/02/1988
UK Gold: 07/02/1994

Details to follow

Episode 332
Network Ten: 02/09/1986
BBC: 15/02/1988
UK Gold: 08/02/1994

Jim invites a widow to stay with the Robinsons, and Clive becomes increasingly involved with baby Sam.

Episode 333
Network Ten: 03/09/1986
BBC: 16/02/1988
UK Gold: 09/02/1994

Susan has difficulty coping with a job and a child.

Episode 334
Network Ten: 04/09/1986
BBC: 17/02/1988
UK Gold: 10/02/1994

Mrs Mangel is horrified by a letter and Daphne is annoyed by the treatment she is getting at home.

Episode 335
Network Ten: 05/09/1986
BBC: 18/02/1988
UK Gold: 11/02/1994

Mrs Mangel forbids Jane to see Mike.

Episode 336
Network Ten: 08/09/1986
BBC: 19/02/1988
UK Gold: 14/02/1994

Details to follow

Episode 337
Network Ten: 09/09/1986
BBC: 22/02/1988
UK Gold: 15/02/1994

Details to follow

Episode 338
Network Ten: 10/09/1986
BBC: 23/02/1988
UK Gold: 16/02/1994

Details to follow

Episode 339
Network Ten: 11/09/1986
BBC: 24/02/1988
UK Gold: 17/02/1994

Details to follow

Episode 340
Network Ten: 12/09/1986
BBC: 25/02/1988
UK Gold: 18/02/1994

Written by Ginny Lowndes
Directed by Steve Mann
Guest stars
Susan: Gloria Ajenstat
Baby Sam: Scott Wealands
Dan: Syd Conabere
Edna: Jessica Noad
Ruth: Stephanie Daniel
Mr. Parker: Mark Allen

Details to follow

Music: "Wanting You, Wanting Me" Music & Lyrics by: Peter Pinne & Don Battye, Arranged by: Greg Mills (Ross Burton Music Productions)
Note: Mr. Parker's first name is Bill

Episode 341
Network Ten: 15/09/1986
BBC: 26/02/1988
UK Gold: 21/02/1994

Edna and Dan decide to tie the knot after 50 years.

Episode 342
Network Ten: 16/09/1986
BBC: 29/02/1988
UK Gold: 22/02/1994

Paul's business deal means a major upheaval for Ramsay Street.

Episode 343
Network Ten: 17/09/1986
BBC: 01/03/1988
UK Gold: 23/02/1994

Jim and Ruth find they have a lot in common.

Episode 344
Network Ten: 18/09/1986
BBC: 02/03/1988
UK Gold: 24/02/1994

Written by John Linton
Directed by Max Varnel
Guest stars
Jane: Annie Jones
Warwick Capper
Ruth: Stephanie Daniel

Madge suspects that her son may be responsible for the burglary.

Episode 345
Network Ten: 19/09/1986
BBC: 03/03/1988
UK Gold: 25/02/1994

Susan sees Clive as more than just a friend.

Episode 346
Network Ten: 22/09/1986
BBC: 04/03/1988
UK Gold: 28/02/1994

The Ramsay Street residents are told of the redevelopment plans.

Episode 347
Network Ten: 23/09/1986
BBC: 07/03/1988
UK Gold: 01/03/1994

Des and Daphne face the first crisis of their marriage.

Episode 348
Network Ten: 24/09/1986
BBC: 08/03/1988
UK Gold: 02/03/1994

Written by Bill Searle
Directed by Gaye Arnold
Guest stars
Mrs. Mangel: Vivean Gray
Jane: Annie Jones
Jenny: Leanne Edelsten
Ray: Norman Yemm

Charlene is bitterly disappointed.

Episode 349
Network Ten: 25/09/1986
BBC: 09/03/1988
UK Gold: 03/03/1994

Peter plans to persuade Des and Jim to sell their homes.

Episode 350
Network Ten: 26/09/1986
BBC: 10/03/1988
UK Gold: 04/03/1994

Sue Parker plays a nasty trick on Scott.
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