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Shane Rebecchi

Shane Rebecchi played by Nicholas Coghlan

played by Nicholas Coghlan

Tenure: Seasons Episodes
2017 - present 7581 - present
  Character name played by
Parents: 'Big' Kevin Rebecchi Don Bridges
Angie Rebecchi Lesley Baker
Siblings: Kevin 'Stonefish' Rebecchi Anthony Engelman
Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi Ryan Moloney
Marriage: Deepika 'Dipi' Rebecchi Sharon Johal
Children: Yashvi Rebecchi Olivia Junkeer
Jay Rebecchi unseen
Kirsha Rebecchi Vani Dhir

Shane Rebecchi was previously played by Greg O'Meara in episodes 2318 to 2436 in the 1995 season.