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Neighbours Episode Guide: 826-850

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Episode 826
Network Ten: 03/10/1988
BBC: 11/01/1990
UK Gold: 01/01/1996

Henry and Sharon own up to their respective misdemeanours. Mrs. Mangel throws Sharon out of the house.

Episode 827
Network Ten: 04/10/1988
BBC: 12/01/1990
UK Gold: 02/01/1996

Mrs Mangel tries fortune telling - but the results give Beverly cause for concern. Paul finds out about his mistake. Bronwyn and Sharon decide to move into No. 30.

Episode 828
Network Ten: 05/10/1988
BBC: 15/01/1990
UK Gold: 03/01/1996

Henry almost kisses Bronwyn, but she is scared off. Joe agrees to move in with Mrs. Mangel.

Episode 829
Network Ten: 06/10/1988
BBC: 16/01/1990
UK Gold: 04/01/1996

Des badmouths Harold, but Harold overhears him. Bronwyn finds out that the love letter she received from Henry was actually written by Scott.

Episode 830
Network Ten: 07/10/1988
BBC: 17/01/1990
UK Gold: 05/01/1996

Des and Harold's friendship comes under strain and they break off the partnership. Paul finds out that he failed at the IVF programme, and Beverly finds her life in danger when she is mugged.

Episode 831
Network Ten: 10/10/1988
BBC: 18/01/1990
UK Gold: 08/01/1996

Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Paul Moloney

Jim becomes concerned about Beverly, while John breaks unpleasant news to Mrs Mangel. Beverly loses the baby. John Worthington asks Mrs. Mangel to marry him.

Episode 832
Network Ten: 11/10/1988
BBC: 19/01/1990
UK Gold: 09/01/1996

Mrs. Mangel accepts the marriage proposal, but is taken aback when John tells her that they'll be living in England. Another romance blossoms on Ramsay Street when Nick and Sharon kiss.

Episode 833
Network Ten: 12/10/1988
BBC: 22/01/1990
UK Gold: 10/01/1996

Henry shatters Bronwyn's dreams, and Nick puts Sharon in a difficult position. Mrs. Mangel calls off the engagement.

Episode 834
Network Ten: 13/10/1988
BBC: 23/01/1990
UK Gold: 11/01/1996

Melanie has a heart-to-heart with Bronwyn, while Paul attempts to make peace between Des and Harold. Beverly wins the malpractice suit, but then accuses Jim of being happy now that there's no baby. Todd returns from soccer camp.

Episode 835
Network Ten: 14/10/1988
BBC: 24/01/1990
UK Gold: 12/01/1996

Guest stars
Lift Repairman: Bill Manderson

Madge and Henry are concerned about Charlene after a worrying phone call from Brisbane, while Des and Harold find themselves in a tight squeeze when they are stuck in a lift. Katie catches Todd sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night, and Des and Harold settle their differences.

Episode 836
Network Ten: 17/10/1988
BBC: 25/01/1990
UK Gold: 15/01/1996

Katie investigates Todd's activities and finds he is becoming addicted to fruit machines. Mrs. Mangel and John come to a compromise, and Madge risks all to cure Harold's snoring.

Episode 837
Network Ten: 18/10/1988
BBC: 26/01/1990
UK Gold: 16/01/1996

Harold reluctantly offers Joe a job, and Nick works to rebuild his relationship with Sharon. Todd and Katie move into Paul and Gail's, and Katie reveals Todd's secret.

Episode 838
Network Ten: 19/10/1988
BBC: 29/01/1990
UK Gold: 17/01/1996

Paul devises an appropriate punishment for Todd by making him reach his video game target, and Sharon ensures Mike's teaching experience includes a lesson he won't forget.

Episode 839
Network Ten: 20/10/1988
BBC: 30/01/1990
UK Gold: 18/01/1996

John has a buck's party and Mrs. Mangel has a hen party, at which Helen, Madge and Jane recall past events. Mrs Mangel's memory starts to play tricks, while Mike suspects one of his students is suffering domestic violence.

Episode 840
Network Ten: 21/10/1988
BBC: 31/01/1990
UK Gold: 19/01/1996

Mrs Mangel gets married - but the day is not without hitches. Mike tries to find out more about Jessie by offering to tutor her. Jessie accepts the offer.

Episode 841
Network Ten: 24/10/1988
BBC: 01/02/1990
UK Gold: 22/01/1996

Mrs. Mangel finally marries John Worthington. Joe gets the last word at the wedding reception, while Jim and Beverly attempt to sort out their problems.
Scene from episode 841

Episode 842
Network Ten: 25/10/1988
BBC: 02/02/1990
UK Gold: 23/01/1996

The newlyweds finally leave Ramsay Street, and Beverly hypnotises Madge to help her sleep. Todd doesn't want to move back into the Robinson house.

Episode 843
Network Ten: 26/10/1988
BBC: 05/02/1990
UK Gold: 24/01/1996

Mike confronts Jessie's parents over their treatment of her. Bronwyn gets a cool reception from Henry. Sharon cheats to help Nick pass his maths exam.

Episode 844
Network Ten: 27/10/1988
BBC: 06/02/1990
UK Gold: 25/01/1996

Mike finds out about Sharon's cheating, and she is suspended. Jim learns that his mother is dying, and he and Paul fly to Washington.

Note: Last ever episode shown on SAT-1 Germany.

Episode 845
Network Ten: 28/10/1988
BBC: 07/02/1990
UK Gold: 26/01/1996

Todd feels sorry for himself, while Jane and Joe find housekeeping in Mrs Mangel's absence more difficult than expected. Jamie falls in the swimming pool, and Todd gets the blame after Bronwyn rescues the baby. Joe decides to refurbish the Mangel house.

Episode 846
Network Ten: 31/10/1988
BBC: 08/02/1990
UK Gold: 29/01/1996

Guest stars include
Skinner: Matt Stevenson

Todd runs away and meets Skinner - a bad influence. Joe moves his own furniture into the Mangel house.

Episode 847
Network Ten: 01/11/1988
BBC: 09/02/1990
UK Gold: 30/01/1996

Todd rings Katie to let her know that he's OK. Harold and Madge dance. Malcolm tells Des that he's sold his house.

Episode 848
Network Ten: 02/11/1988
BBC: 12/02/1990
UK Gold: 31/01/1996

Joe leaves Des and Harold in an awkward situation, and Jessie falls in love with Mike. Harold accuses Joe of using stolen materials in the coffee shop renovations. Bouncer drinks Joe's beer!

Episode 849
Network Ten: 03/11/1988
BBC: 13/02/1990
UK Gold: 01/02/1996

Mike's career is threatened when Mr. Muir catches him in a compromising encounter with a student. Jane has a go at Des and Harold over Joe, while Bronwyn tries to attract Henry's attentions but he says he's not interested in her.

Episode 850
Network Ten: 04/11/1988
BBC: 14/02/1990
UK Gold: 02/02/1996

Henry ruins Bronwyn's attempt to arrange an intimate evening by inviting Joe and Jane to join them. Nick hears some news about Todd, and Henry has an accident. Bronwyn finally tells Henry that she loves him, and Henry is ecstatic! Mike is sacked as a teacher and Jessie is sent away.
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