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Neighbours Episode Guide: 751-775

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Episode 751
Network Ten: 20/06/1988
BBC: 26/09/1989
UK Gold: 18/09/1995

Rob confronts Ian Chadwick, Gail's real father. Scott, Mike and Pete leave for the Olympic training centre. Mike goes along to take pictures of Pete training and Scott to write a report about it.

Episode 752
Network Ten: 21/06/1988
BBC: 27/09/1989
UK Gold: 19/09/1995

Rob wants Ian to leave Gail alone, and Steve Fisher visits Charlene. Madge and Mrs. Mangel fight over Harold's videos. Unfortunately for Mrs. Mangel this minor tiff makes John see her true colours and he terminates their relationship.

Episode 753
Network Ten: 22/06/1988
BBC: 28/09/1989
UK Gold: 20/09/1995

Charlene falls into Steve's trap again. She meets him outside Lassiter's and they start kissing - but the event is witnesses by Henry. Harold volunteers to take Todd camping.

Episode 754
Network Ten: 23/06/1988
BBC: 29/09/1989
UK Gold: 21/09/1995

Jim has the 'flu. Mrs. Mangel turns over a new leaf and she has everyone in the neighbourhood worried. Harold, Todd and Henry go camping and it turns in to a disaster. First they realise they've forgotten to bring any food, and then Harold loses the car keys!

Episode 755
Network Ten: 24/06/1988
BBC: 02/10/1989
UK Gold: 22/09/1995

Henry finds the car keys and the campers return home. Pete falls during training. Jane and Des start getting closer and closer and everyone starts noticing it. Mrs Mangel confronts Jane about it and she starts screaming at her.

Episode 756
Network Ten: 27/06/1988
BBC: 03/10/1989
UK Gold: 25/09/1995

John is invited over for dinner again. Jane continues seeing Des, but Des misinterprets Jane's feelings, and thinks she might still get back with Mike. Pete is upset after finding out that Kate reported him to the coach and he is stopped from training. Jane is left heartbroken.

Episode 757
Network Ten: 28/06/1988
BBC: 04/10/1989
UK Gold: 26/09/1995

Jane confesses to Gail that she is in love with Des. Des apologises to Jane, while Rob believes Ian will try and take Gail away from him. Todd and Katie bake Beverly a welcome home cake, and she returns from Perth to find a messy kitchen!

Episode 758
Network Ten: 29/06/1988
BBC: 05/10/1989
UK Gold: 27/09/1995

Pete is told he can stay at the Sports Institute, but his leg injury leaves him disappointed. Charlene lies to Rob saying she doesn't feel well, then she spends the day with Steve. Gail refuses to talk to Rob until he apologises to Ian.

Episode 759
Network Ten: 30/06/1988
BBC: 06/10/1989
UK Gold: 28/09/1995

Mike and Scott return home from Cranberry. Charlene ruins all of Scott's interviews, and she tells Steve that the two of them are finished. Mike goes over to see Jane and he tells her about Rachel. He is surprised to see a photo that Des hasn't told him about and guesses that Jane fancies Des.

Episode 760
Network Ten: 01/07/1988
BBC: 09/10/1989
UK Gold: 29/09/1995

Jim and Paul agree to take part in the fifties night. Scott is still mad at Charlene for damaging the interviews tape. As John is about to propose, he discovers that Nel Mangel is 'Dear Georgette', and he storms out leaving her in tears. Charlene confesses to Scott about Steve.

Episode 761
Network Ten: 04/07/1988
BBC: 10/10/1989
UK Gold: 02/10/1995

John refuses to forgive Mrs. Mangel. Scott is upset after Charlene's confession and he sleeps in Henry's room. Madge and Helen also fight about Scott and Charlene, while Harold decides he should take on responsibility for sorting out the young couple's problems. Mrs. Mangel starts poking her nose into other people's affairs again. She invites Katie in to hear all the juicy details about the fighting Robinsons.

Episode 762
Network Ten: 05/07/1988
BBC: 11/10/1989
UK Gold: 03/10/1995

Scott and Charlene try to ignore each other, but make a start on sorting out their problems. Rob and Ian fight over Gail, with each one trying to outdo the other with expensive anniversary presents for Paul and Gail. Mike tells Jane that she is going to make a fool of herself if she falls for Des. Rob Lewis ends up breaking Ian's present.

Episode 763
Network Ten: 06/07/1988
BBC: 12/10/1989
UK Gold: 04/10/1995

All the Ramsay Street residents take part in the fifties night, except for Mrs. Mangel and Jane. On this lively jazzy night Harold disgusts everyone by singing 'Amazing Grace'. Henry tries to realise his pop star ambitions, while Beverley and Helen are concerned when Paul and Jim don't turn up for the concert. Scott and Charlene kiss and make up, which makes the fifties night even nicer.

Episode 764
Network Ten: 07/07/1988
BBC: 13/10/1989
UK Gold: 05/10/1995

Madge and Helen make up - and then argue again. Des loses Jamie in a car park, but he is found by a young woman named Bronwyn Davies, who picks a fight with Des for not looking after Jamie. The same woman turns up in the evening to baby-sit Jamie, and Des doesn't want to hear a word about it.

Episode 765
Network Ten: 08/07/1988
BBC: 16/10/1989
UK Gold: 06/10/1995

Bronwyn the babysitter spends the night at the Clarke house. She makes them breakfast in the morning and they are quite impressed, so Des suggests that she work for them full-time. Rob and Ian make up. Bronwyn moves into the Mangel house, and she tells Des that Jane has the hots for him.

Episode 766
Network Ten: 11/07/1988
BBC: 17/10/1989
UK Gold: 09/10/1995

Scott and Charlene decide to rent a flat, much to Madge's disappointment. Mike explains to Des that Jane thinks that he is interested in her, but Des tells Jane that there's no chance for them. Jane is embarrassed and heartbroken.

Episode 767
Network Ten: 12/07/1988
BBC: 18/10/1989
UK Gold: 10/10/1995

Paul and Gail swap jobs. Henry falls in love with Bronwyn, who has become Jamie's new nanny, but Mike doesn't like it. Jane goes on leave because she cannot handle things at work after being disappointed by Des. Bronwyn seems to have a very shady past but time will tell.

Episode 768
Network Ten: 13/07/1988
BBC: 19/10/1989
UK Gold: 11/10/1995

Bronwyn tells Henry that she doesn't fancy him. Gail mucks up the pay review, and Jane puts wrong salary letters in wrong envelopes. Lucy is back from college and she has found herself a boyfriend. Henry discovers that he earns less than Bill and threatens to go to the union.

Episode 769
Network Ten: 14/07/1988
BBC: 20/10/1989
UK Gold: 12/10/1995

Gail solves the dispute just before Paul finds out about it. Dan Ramsay offers Scott and Charlene a house. Paul is furious that Gail didn't tell him about the misunderstanding between her and Lassiter's staff. Lucy goes to the coffee shop to meet her new boyfriend but he stands her up.

Episode 770
Network Ten: 15/07/1988
BBC: 23/10/1989
UK Gold: 13/10/1995

Scott and Charlene are reluctant to take the house as it's in Brisbane. Scott unearths some startling facts, and Madge discovers Ramsay Street should actually have been Robinson Street. Lucy comes back disappointed that Matt didn't show up, and she is in tears when she discovers that he has another girlfriend. Scott and Charlene invite their families over to discuss old man Ramsay's house offer.

Episode 771
Network Ten: 18/07/1988
BBC: 24/10/1989
UK Gold: 16/10/1995

Todd tries to comfort Lucy after her disappointment and tries to arrange a new boyfriend for her. Charlene and Scott have to make a momentous decision that will affect the rest of their lives. Todd and Katie cause Dan stress when the whole issue about Ramsay Street being named after Madge's family gets out of hand. Charlene is dying to leave Erinsborough for Brisbane, and finally Scott agrees to go to Brisbane with her.

Episode 772
Network Ten: 19/07/1988
BBC: 25/10/1989
UK Gold: 17/10/1995

Todd rounds up his friends in an attempt to find Lucy a date for Emma's party, while Scott and Charlene decide to accept Dan's offer. Jim is grumpy about Scott going to Brisbane, and Charlene thanks her grandpa for the house offer. Scott and Henry decide to sort out the feud over a game of cards. Lucy's blind date turns up and she can't believe what she sees.

Episode 773
Network Ten: 20/07/1988
BBC: 26/10/1989
UK Gold: 18/10/1995

Henry wins, but only after Charlene fixes the cards. Dan returns home, and Paul and Gail still argue about the salary fiasco. Everyone thinks it is a good thing that the Ramsay's won the bet.

Episode 774
Network Ten: 21/07/1988
BBC: 27/10/1989
UK Gold: 19/10/1995

Mrs. Mangel instructs Paul to check Karl out as she doesn't trust him. Jane returns to work and gives Gail and Paul a lecture about their love life. Mrs. Mangel exposes a thief - who threatens to kill her. Paul and Gail make up.

Episode 775
Network Ten: 22/07/1988
BBC: 30/10/1989
UK Gold: 20/10/1995

Bronwyn saves Mrs. Mangel. Henry buys himself a metal detector with the hope of finding buried treasures. Mike is jealous of Bronwyn's relationship with Des and Jamie, and Henry finds a gun buried in Mrs. Mangel's backyard.
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