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Neighbours Episode Guide: 626-650

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Episode 626
Network Ten: 23/11/1987
BBC: 04/04/1989
UK Gold: 27/03/1995

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Episode 627
Network Ten: 24/11/1987
BBC: 05/04/1989
UK Gold: 28/03/1995

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Episode 628
Network Ten: 25/11/1987
BBC: 06/04/1989
UK Gold: 29/03/1995

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Episode 629
Network Ten: 26/11/1987
BBC: 07/04/1989
UK Gold: 30/03/1995

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Episode 630
Network Ten: 27/11/1987
BBC: 10/04/1989
UK Gold: 31/03/1995

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Episode 631
Network Ten: 30/11/1987
BBC: 11/04/1989
UK Gold: 03/04/1995

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Episode 632
Network Ten: 01/12/1987
BBC: 12/04/1989
UK Gold: 04/04/1995

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Episode 633
Network Ten: 02/12/1987
BBC: 13/04/1989
UK Gold: 05/04/1995

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Episode 634
Network Ten: 03/12/1987
BBC: 14/04/1989
UK Gold: 06/04/1995

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Episode 635
Network Ten: 04/12/1987
BBC: 17/04/1989
UK Gold: 07/04/1995

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Episode 636
Network Ten: 07/12/1987
BBC: 18/04/1989
UK Gold: 10/04/1995

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Episode 637
Network Ten: 08/12/1987
BBC: 19/04/1989
UK Gold: 11/04/1995

Written by Wayne Doyle
Directed by Tony Osicka
Guest stars
Malcolm Clarke: Noel Trevarthen
Eileen Clarke: Myra De Groot
Beverly Marshall: Lisa Armytage
Tony Romeo: Nick Carrafa

1987 Series Finale
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Episode 638
Network Ten: 13/01/1988
BBC: 20/04/1989
UK Gold: 12/04/1995

1988 Series Return
Glen tries to worm his way into Jane's life, and he easily wins her. Gail and Paul go on their honeymoon, and Harold refuses to sell his stocks. The cosmetic company that Jane is supposed to model for, tells her they intend taking her to court if she doesn't show up for the American modelling assignment in a week's time.

Episode 639
Network Ten: 14/01/1988
BBC: 21/04/1989
UK Gold: 13/04/1995

Paul helps Jane get out of her modelling contract, and Sally decides to stay in Erinsborough. Eileen is doing a very good job looking after her ex-husband. While out on a shoot Scott, Mike and Jane get stuck in the middle of the sea. Malcolm tells Eileen why he left her.

Episode 640
Network Ten: 15/01/1988
BBC: 24/04/1989
UK Gold: 14/04/1995

Scott goes missing after trying to swim ashore, and his father blames Mike and Jane for not trying to stop him. Harold loses all his shares on the Stock Exchange, so he decides to call the wedding off which leaves Madge in tears.

Episode 641
Network Ten: 18/01/1988
BBC: 25/04/1989
UK Gold: 17/04/1995

Written by Ray Harding
Directed by Steve Mann
Guest stars
Eileen Clarke: Eileen Clarke
Malcolm Clarke: Noel Trevarthen
Sally Wells: Rowena Mohr
Tony Romeo: Nick Carrafa
Rescuer: Terry Brittingham

Charlene fears that Scott has drowned, while Eileen begins to accept that Malcolm is living with them. Scott is found alive to everyone's relief, especially Charlene who faints when she hears the news. Eileen seems to be falling in love with her ex-husband again, but Malcolm is back on his feet again ready to go back to his house.

Episode 642
Network Ten: 19/01/1988
BBC: 26/04/1989
UK Gold: 18/04/1995

Scott returns home and learns that he has passed his exams. Glen is very disappointed when Mrs Mangel tells him what she thinks of his relationship with Jane. Madge Ramsay wins a car in a raffle and she is over the moon. Glen breaks up with Jane, and Lucy starts kissing - adultly!

Episode 643
Network Ten: 20/01/1988
BBC: 27/04/1989
UK Gold: 19/04/1995

Charlene gets a rash. Helen and Madge have a heated argument over household duties and their children's upbringing. The plant that Lucy brought as a gift for Charlene turns out to be poisonous. Madge doesn't have a drivers licence, but Henry promises to help her. Gail gets frightened when Paul tells her he wants children, as she believes she can't have babies.

Episode 644
Network Ten: 21/01/1988
BBC: 28/04/1989
UK Gold: 20/04/1995

Beverly tells Gail that she can't have children. Gail goes to see Ben for a second opinion and he refers her to a gynaecologist. She comes back highly disappointed about the diagnosis and she decides that the best thing to do is not to tell her husband. Henry becomes friends with Tony.

Episode 645
Network Ten: 22/01/1988
BBC: 01/05/1989
UK Gold: 21/04/1995

After receiving Tony's letter with Jane's photo, Mrs Romeo goes to Erinsborough to congratulate her son personally. Paul is disappointed when Gail tells him about her infertility. Eileen and Malcolm slowly fall in love again, while Mike and Jane also get back together.

Episode 646
Network Ten: 25/01/1988
BBC: 02/05/1989
UK Gold: 24/04/1995

Madge sets the record straight with Helen. Elinora meets Jane - Tony's 'fiancé' - at the coffee shop. Madge tries to talk Harold into selling the car so, so that he can afford to continue with the wedding, but Harold doesn't want to hear a word.

Episode 647
Network Ten: 26/01/1988
BBC: 03/05/1989
UK Gold: 25/04/1995

Jane and Sally confront Tony at the garage after explaining the situation to his mother, and feel quite relieved. Tony tells his mother the truth. Scott writes an article about immigrants, and Malcolm asks Eileen to marry him again.

Episode 648
Network Ten: 27/01/1988
BBC: 04/05/1989
UK Gold: 26/04/1995

Malcolm proposes to Eileen and when she accepts, Des is over the moon about the news. Henry tries to teach Madge how to drive, but her driving lesson end up in disaster after an unfortunate encounter with a fire hydrant.

Episode 649
Network Ten: 28/01/1988
BBC: 05/05/1989
UK Gold: 27/04/1995

Henry asks Helen to teach Madge how to drive. Jim and Henry join the other boys in the card game, which leaves only Harold with the girls. After eating they all play a game of poker, and a big fight starts when Jim loses and accuses Henry of cheating.

Episode 650
Network Ten: 29/01/1988
BBC: 08/05/1989
UK Gold: 28/04/1995

Everyone is getting on each other's nerves, and so Helen tries to calm the situation. Paul and Gail decide to go on with the invitro-fertilisation programme. Helen gives Madge driving lessons, and as usual they end up screaming at each other when Madge accuses Helen of being too fussy.
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