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Neighbours Episode Guide: 2501-2525

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Episode 2501
Network Ten: 23/10/1995
BBC: 13/06/1996
UK Gold: 03/06/2002

Marlene realises she has put it off for long enough and agrees to tie the knot with Colin. Meanwhile, at Erinsborough High, Brett plots to make sure the end-of-year party will be one to remember, and Hannah and Lance fall victim to a spate of vicious rumours at school.

Episode 2502
Network Ten: 24/10/1995
BBC: 14/06/1996
UK Gold: 04/06/2002

Annalise and Stonie find themselves unable to contain their emotions, while Hannah finally learns the truth about young beau Lance. The boys set off excitedly for their relaxing trip, little suspecting what's really in store for them at Camp Drum Beat.

Episode 2503
Network Ten: 25/10/1995
BBC: 17/06/1996
UK Gold: 05/06/2002

Annalise analyses her developing relationship with Stonefish and decides to turn the heat down a notch. Marlene faces a quandary and the lads' male-bonding weekend looks set for disaster as tempers flare and fists fly.

Episode 2504
Network Ten: 26/10/1995
BBC: 18/06/1996
UK Gold: 06/06/2002

Sam's return leaves Annalise feeling guilty, while Jo's feelings become obsessive. Karl appears to have been affected by his male bonding experience at Camp Drum Beat.

Episode 2505
Network Ten: 27/10/1995
BBC: 19/06/1996
UK Gold: 07/06/2002

Libby grows tired of being railroaded by Sonny and finally makes a stand, while Brett's foolish prank goes up in smoke. Jo's obsession with Mark takes its toll and she realises she's in need of professional help.

Episode 2506
Network Ten: 30/10/1995
BBC: 20/06/1996
UK Gold: 10/06/2002

Annalise starts to rue the day she ever got involved with Stonefish. Brett is brought to book for the prank, while Karl's decision to return to grass roots level doesn't go down well with his reluctant family.

Episode 2507
Network Ten: 31/10/1995
BBC: 21/06/1996
UK Gold: 11/06/2002

Lance tries to impress Hannah by buying each of her family an expensive present. Joanna is chatted up by the slimy Marty Hackman and Adrian refuses to take no for an answer - will he ever win back Cody's affections?

Episode 2508
Network Ten: 01/11/1995
BBC: 24/06/1996
UK Gold: 12/06/2002

Stonefish falls ill, casting a shadow over his secret relationship with Annalise. Joanna has a bust-up with Mark for trying to pair her off with Marty and Angie's birthday plans start to come apart at the seams.

Episode 2509
Network Ten: 02/11/1995
BBC: 25/06/1996
UK Gold: 13/06/2002

Sam does his best to bring his parents together, encouraging Patrick to swallow his pride and patch things up. Annalise worries she may have contracted Stonefish's glandular fever and a sinister stranger puts the wind up Billy in the community garden.

Episode 2510
Network Ten: 03/11/1995
BBC: 26/06/1996
UK Gold: 14/06/2002

The latest spooky goings-on to send shivers down Ramsay Street concern Billy, who is convinced he saw a ghost in the community gardens. Phil and Jen hatch a plot to guarantee them good publicity and Mal has a brush with death while surfing. Soppy Colin comes over all emotional when Lou bids him a fond farewell over the airwaves before his trip to Argentina and Patrick also thinks about leaving for good.

Note: No evening showing on BBC1 on 26th June due to extended Euro 96 coverage. Repeated twice on 27th June.

Episode 2511
Network Ten: 06/11/1995
BBC: 28/06/1996
UK Gold: 17/06/2002

Stonie nervously awaits his blood test results, hoping that he and Annalise will get the all-clear. Lou and Patrick's money-spinning gambling scheme begins to get out of hand, prompting Cheryl and Marlene to intervene with a few choice words.

Episode 2512
Network Ten: 07/11/1995
BBC: 01/07/1996
UK Gold: 18/06/2002

Karl faces a fresh medical challenge, which promises to be nothing if not an eye-opening experience. Joanna causes a rumpus on Melbourne Cup Day, making a prize chump of herself, and all bets are off at Chez Chez - thanks to interfering Cheryl.

Episode 2513
Network Ten: 08/11/1995
BBC: 02/07/1996
UK Gold: 19/06/2002

Jen anxiously waits to see if she's won the competition and down-in-the-dumps Joanna tries to perk herself up by embarking on an exciting new project. Angie decides to change her image - but makes the mistake of choosing Cheryl as a role model.

Episode 2514
Network Ten: 09/11/1995
BBC: 03/07/1996
UK Gold: 20/06/2002

Billy finds out he's dyslexic but can't come to terms with the diagnosis, while Jen and Cody begin to suffer under the enormous pressure of their exams. Hannah and Lance have a scary encounter with Ramsay Street's latest resident - a restless ghost.

Episode 2515
Network Ten: 10/11/1995
BBC: 04/07/1996
UK Gold: 21/06/2002

Jo is given the golden opportunity to demonstrate her caring inner-nature, while Lance and Hannah keep an eye on Flakey the clown's movements. Billy's gets advice on dyslexia from his new teacher Andrew Watson, while Cody and Jen have increasing exam worries.

Episode 2516
Network Ten: 13/11/1995
BBC: 05/07/1996
UK Gold: 24/06/2002

Karl feels the urge to hang up his stethoscope and jet off to some far-flung destination, while Danni gets down to some serious swotting, determined to win a college place. Cody considers taking out a restraining order against troublesome ex-boyfriend Adrian.

Episode 2517
Network Ten: 14/11/1995
BBC: 08/07/1996
UK Gold: 25/06/2002

Luckless Philip comes a cropper while cycling and love-rat Adrian vows to get even with Cody for taking out a restraining order against him. Libby's relationship with Sonny intensifies - but others in Ramsay Street are not so sure he's such a good catch.

Episode 2518
Network Ten: 15/11/1995
BBC: 09/07/1996
UK Gold: 26/06/2002

Mal confronts two-timing Sonny about his tangled love life, while Jen's relationship with Phil takes a nosedive. Sam is startled by an unexpected encounter with Luke and demands to know why he's back in Ramsay Street.

Episode 2519
Network Ten: 16/11/1995
BBC: 10/07/1996
UK Gold: 27/06/2002

Hannah decides to exercise a little caution with Lance, while Flakey shows himself to be the buffoon everybody thought he was. Luke slips further into despair and Billy makes an abrupt about-turn, completely confusing Karl in the process.

Episode 2520
Network Ten: 17/11/1995
BBC: 11/07/1996
UK Gold: 28/06/2002

Brett and Susan prepare for their African adventure with mixed feelings. Marlene offers Flakey sympathy, and Karl finally accepts Billy has dyslexia.

Episode 2521
Network Ten: 20/11/1995
BBC: 12/07/1996
UK Gold: 01/07/2002

Stonie and Annalise's attempts to keep a low profile go to pot when they are seen dancing the night away at a local club. Phil tries to work out why Jen is playing mind games with him, while Brett and Susan arrive in Kenya, but find they've forgotten something of vital importance.

Episode 2522
Network Ten: 21/11/1995
BBC: 15/07/1996
UK Gold: 02/07/2002

Sonny drives Billy up the wall.

Episode 2523
Network Ten: 22/11/1995
BBC: 16/07/1996
UK Gold: 03/07/2002

Lou's ex-wife turns up out of the blue.

Episode 2524
Network Ten: 23/11/1995
BBC: 17/07/1996
UK Gold: 04/07/2002

Susan and Brett's adventures finally take off.

Episode 2525
Network Ten: 24/11/1995
BBC: 18/07/1996
UK Gold: 05/07/2002

Brett discovers the exciting life of a Masaai tribesman. Mark is offered a role as guest chef on Healthy Wealthy and Wise, and Stonie makes a last ditch effort to win the heart of Annalise.

Guest appearence of Iain Hewitson

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