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Neighbours Episode Guide: 201-225

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Episode 201
Network Ten: 03/03/1986
BBC: 11/08/1987
UK Gold: 09/08/1993

Guest stars
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Heather Ambrose: Judith Graham

Rosemary finally meets her real mother, and Max is warned about his health.

Episode 202
Network Ten: 04/03/1986
BBC: 12/08/1987
UK Gold: 10/08/1993

Guest stars
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Sue Wright: Gael Ballantyne

Zoe applies for a job as Paul's secretary.

Episode 203
Network Ten: 05/03/1986
BBC: 13/08/1987
UK Gold: 11/08/1993

Written by Ginny Lowndes
Directed by Max Varnel

Convinced that he is going to die, Max tries to make peace with Ramsay Street.

Episode 204
Network Ten: 06/03/1986
BBC: 14/08/1987
UK Gold: 12/08/1993

Directed by Max Varnel
Guest stars
Sue Wright: Gael Ballantyne

Zoe is attracted to Jim, and Helen offers Shane a partnership.

Episode 205
Network Ten: 07/03/1986
BBC: 17/08/1987
UK Gold: 13/08/1993

Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Max Varnel
Guest stars
Andrea Townsend: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley Townsend: Bradley Kilpatrick

Shane is stunned by Daphne's announcement.

Episode 206
Network Ten: 10/03/1986
BBC: 18/08/1987
UK Gold: 16/08/1993

The past catches up with Des.

Episode 207
Network Ten: 11/03/1986
BBC: 19/08/1987
UK Gold: 17/08/1993

Written by Roger Moulton
Directed by Andrew Friedman
Guest stars
Andrea: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley: Bradley Kilpatrick

Bradley causes havoc in Ramsay Street.

Episode 208
Network Ten: 12/03/1986
BBC: 20/08/1987
UK Gold: 18/08/1993

Directed by Andrew Friedman
Guest stars
Andrea: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley: Bradley Kilpatrick
Dr. Carter: Andrew Gilmore

Max learns the truth about his health.

Episode 209
Network Ten: 13/03/1986
BBC: 21/08/1987
UK Gold: 19/08/1993

Directed by Andrew Friedman
Guest stars
Gary Walters: Julian Noel

Max becomes the centre of attention. Meanwhile, Shane and Helen get on the road at last.

Episode 210
Network Ten: 14/03/1986
BBC: 24/08/1987
UK Gold: 20/08/1993

Written by Reg Watson
Directed by Andrew Friedman

Scott clashes with Jim over his school work, and Bradley causes more trouble.

Episode 211
Network Ten: 17/03/1986
BBC: 25/08/1987
UK Gold: 23/08/1993

Scott turns to drink to try and solve his problems.

Episode 212
Network Ten: 18/03/1986
BBC: 26/08/1987
UK Gold: 24/08/1993

Andrea makes Des a risky offer.

Episode 213
Network Ten: 19/03/1986
BBC: 27/08/1987
UK Gold: 25/08/1993

Daphne and Zoe plan a night out for Max, and Paul and Helen make a discovery.

Episode 214
Network Ten: 20/03/1986
BBC: 28/08/1987
UK Gold: 26/08/1993

The Max Ramsay Appreciation Society makes plans for revenge.

Episode 215
Network Ten: 21/03/1986
BBC: 01/09/1987
UK Gold: 27/08/1993

The Ramsay Street vendetta against Max backfires, Mike falls in love, and Helen's surprise for Nikki goes wrong.

Episode 216
Network Ten: 24/03/1986
BBC: 02/09/1987
UK Gold: 30/08/1993

It's Max's birthday, but will anybody remember? Laura has problems with Nikki.

Episode 217
Network Ten: 25/03/1986
BBC: 03/09/1987
UK Gold: 31/08/1993

Jim finds himself the object of two women's affections.

Episode 218
Network Ten: 26/03/1986
BBC: 04/09/1987
UK Gold: 01/09/1993

Will Max spoil Shane and Daphne's engagement party.

Episode 219
Network Ten: 27/03/1986
BBC: 07/09/1987
UK Gold: 02/09/1993

Shane blames Des for the loss of his job. Des confides in Daphne.

Episode 220
Network Ten: 28/03/1986
BBC: 08/09/1987
UK Gold: 03/09/1993

Shane becomes more jealous of Des.

Episode 221
Network Ten: 31/03/1986
BBC: 09/09/1987
UK Gold: 06/09/1993

Dr. Clive performs an emergency operation on Lucy.

Episode 222
Network Ten: 01/04/1986
BBC: 10/09/1987
UK Gold: 07/09/1993

Jim and Paul reach crisis-point over Zoe.

Episode 223
Network Ten: 02/04/1986
BBC: 11/09/1987
UK Gold: 08/09/1993

Nikki and Laura are invited to two very different dinners.

Episode 224
Network Ten: 03/04/1986
BBC: 14/09/1987
UK Gold: 09/09/1993

Nikki is forced to make an important choice that will have repercussions on the rest of her life. A rival of Andrea's turns up.

Episode 225
Network Ten: 04/04/1986
BBC: 15/09/1987
UK Gold: 10/09/1993

Eileen wants Des to settle things with Andrea and Bradley. She makes a trip to Perth and plans to find out why Andrea left.
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