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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1851-1875

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Episode 1851
Network Ten: 15/02/1993
BBC: 17/12/1993
UK Gold: 06/12/1999

Written by Chris McTrustry
Directed by Steve Mann
Cast List
Guest stars

Brad presents a romantic gift to girlfriend Beth. Annalise finds herself with a lot of explaining to do after her disguise is sprung, and Debbie tries to help Rick resolve a pressing problem. Things look bad for Julie when her worst enemy forces her to drink a potentially lethal cocktail.
Scene from episode 1851

Episode 1852
Network Ten: 16/02/1993
BBC: 20/12/1993
UK Gold: 07/12/1999

Written by Rod Zielinski
Directed by Steve Mann
Cast List
Guest stars
Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Customer: Donald Hirst
Tony Cochrane: David Bergin
Luke Roberts: Trent Mooney

Michael saves stepmother Julie from drowning, and Annalise is given an ultimatum by Lassiter's boss Philip. Brad has an enigmatic encounter on the beach. Julie makes a decision, and Rick is faced with a dilemma. Stephen takes a stand which will cost him dear.
Scene from episode 1852

Episode 1853
Network Ten: 17/02/1993
BBC: 21/12/1993
UK Gold: 08/12/1999

Written by Jenny Lewis
Directed by Steve Mann
Cast List
Guest stars

Jim and Helen find a way to cheer Hannah up by buying her a kitten. Phoebe and Stephen face a crisis, while Helen and Cameron hatch a plot to stop Jim leaving Ramsay Street. Doug is furious when he discovers Gaby has been writing to her grandfather.

Episode 1854
Network Ten: 18/02/1993
BBC: 22/12/1993
UK Gold: 09/12/1999

Written by John Upton
Directed by Steve Mann
Cast List
Guest stars
Bert Willis: Charles (Bud) Tingwell
Mr Cross: David Hunt
Man (Charity Worker): Andrew Hicks
Mr Hobson: George Ginis

'Operation Jim' gets underway with the residents making Ramsay Street look anything but desirable. Doug reveals the truth about his father, and Julie finally realises she has been the victim of a malicious plot. A girl on a horse causes pandemonium.

Episode 1855
Network Ten: 19/02/1993
BBC: 23/12/1993
UK Gold: 10/12/1999

Written by Wayne Doyle
Directed by Steve Mann
Cast List
Guest stars
Bert Willis: Charles (Bud) Tingwell

Lauren discovers the truth about Lou, and Debbie considers calling the police when she realises the extent of Michael's treachery. Bert has a nasty turn and is forced to reveal a closely guarded secret.

Episode 1856
Network Ten: 22/02/1993
BBC: 24/12/1993
UK Gold: 13/12/1999

Michael faces the consequences of his devious actions when the police arrive to take him into custody.
Scene from episode 1856

Episode 1857
Network Ten: 23/02/1993
BBC: 27/12/1993
UK Gold: 14/12/1999

Michael bids farewell to Ramsay Street, and Cameron leaves Brad and Beth holding the baby when he takes Lauren out on a date.

Episode 1858
Network Ten: 24/02/1993
BBC: 28/12/1993
UK Gold: 15/12/1999

Rick's latest scheme backfires, and Doug is shocked to discover the truth about his father, Bert.

Episode 1859
Network Ten: 25/02/1993
BBC: 29/12/1993
UK Gold: 16/12/1999

Benito declares war on Jim. Doug realises he may have left it to late to patch things up with his father.

Episode 1860
Network Ten: 26/02/1993
BBC: 30/12/1993
UK Gold: 17/12/1999

Helen and Cameron are attacked by a mugger, and Lou decides to forget recent events and start afresh.

Episode 1861
Network Ten: 01/03/1993
BBC: 31/12/1993
UK Gold: 20/12/1999

Cameron swears revenge on his attacker, while Brad sets out to discover the identity of Lauren's mystery acquaintance.

Episode 1862
Network Ten: 02/03/1993
BBC: 03/01/1994
UK Gold: 21/12/1999

Helen's vulnerability becomes apparent, while Phoebe and Stephen find a recipe for success.

Episode 1863
Network Ten: 03/03/1993
BBC: 04/01/1994
UK Gold: 22/12/1999

Trouble erupts at the coffee shop when Phoebe and Stephen's business ideas prove too successful, and Helen comes face to face with her assailant.
Scene from episode 1863

Episode 1864
Network Ten: 04/03/1993
BBC: 05/01/1994
UK Gold: 23/12/1999

Annalise receives an unusual birthday present from Brad, Rick hatches a cunning plan to get rid of Aunt Margaret, and Gaby finds herself stranded with Wayne. Julie creates havoc at the office.
Scene from episode 1864

Episode 1865
Network Ten: 05/03/1993
BBC: 06/01/1994
UK Gold: 24/12/1999

Rick makes ambitious plans for his party, while Gaby and Wayne are forced to endure a night together. Debbie is shocked to learn the identity of her new classmate.

Episode 1866
Network Ten: 08/03/1993
BBC: 07/01/1994
UK Gold: 27/12/1999

Debbie worries about Julie's sudden plans to return to school, and Rick's party doesn't quite go as planned. Philip pleads with Gaby to return to the office.

Episode 1867
Network Ten: 09/03/1993
BBC: 10/01/1994
UK Gold: 28/12/1999

Annalise is humiliated after making advances to Wayne which put him in a difficult position, and Cameron grows increasingly suspicious of Greg.
Scene from episode 1867

Episode 1868
Network Ten: 10/03/1993
BBC: 11/01/1994
UK Gold: 29/12/1999

Philip and Gaby clash in a battle of wits, and Doug levels wild accusations at Greg.
Scene from episode 1868

Episode 1869
Network Ten: 11/03/1993
BBC: 12/01/1994
UK Gold: 30/12/1999

Lauren and Brad's mutual attraction becomes deeper. Julie's first day at school proves eventful when Annalise ensures it is one to remember.

Episode 1870
Network Ten: 12/03/1993
BBC: 13/01/1994
UK Gold: 31/12/1999

Annalise's chemistry joke backfires. Gaby wants to know more about Philip's secret meeting. Lauren decides to leave Ramsay Street - for all the wrong reasons. Debbie begins to feel sorry for Julie.

Episode 1871
Network Ten: 15/03/1993
BBC: 14/01/1994
UK Gold: 03/01/2000

Julie humiliates Debbie. Shocks are in store for the Willis family when Jill makes an unwelcome return to Ramsay Street, and Philip enters the conflict between the coffee shop and the brassiere.

Episode 1872
Network Ten: 16/03/1993
BBC: 17/01/1994
UK Gold: 04/01/2000

Jill Weir sets her sights on Jim. Pam comes face to face with an adversary from the past. Rumours at the school lead Gaby to think the worst of Wayne, and Cameron quizzes Lauren about her feelings for him.
Scene from episode 1872

Episode 1873
Network Ten: 17/03/1993
BBC: 18/01/1994
UK Gold: 05/01/2000

Rick devises a scheme to supplement his pocket money. Julie causes trouble for Wayne and his career at Erinsborough High is jeopardised. Brad competes with Cameron for Lauren's affections - will fiancee Beth discover what the surfing Romeo is up to?

Episode 1874
Network Ten: 18/03/1993
BBC: 19/01/1994
UK Gold: 06/01/2000

Pam and Doug receive a mystery gift, Brad and Beth's engagement seems doomed when she refuses to believe he no longer has any feelings for Lauren. Rick's visitors upset the applecart and he begins to regret providing lodgings for the Swedish backpackers.

Episode 1875
Network Ten: 19/03/1993
BBC: 20/01/1994
UK Gold: 07/01/2000

Doug and Pam get a shock when they find out Jill paid for their weekend away. Rick takes desperate measures to find the money for his phone bill, while Stephen continues his battle against the brassiere.
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