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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1476-1500

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Episode 1476
Network Ten: 15/07/1991
BBC: 10/07/1992
UK Gold: 29/06/1998

Helen announces her engagement to the delight of everyone except Lucy. Melanie's mix-up results in Josh giving an old lady a birthday surprise to remember. Todd and Cody reach a decision about their relationship.

Episode 1477
Network Ten: 16/07/1991
BBC: 13/07/1992
UK Gold: 30/06/1998

Cody and Todd try to cope with being apart now they have decided to end their relationship. Glen offers Todd some advice on how to get Sarah to notice him. The Willis family prepare for Brad's return, but they are distraught when he doesn't arrive home.

Episode 1478
Network Ten: 17/07/1991
BBC: 14/07/1992
UK Gold: 01/07/1998

Pam and Doug anxiously await news on Brad detention in Bahgee. Helen worries that she might be making a mistake with Michael. Glen attempt to arrange a date for Toby backfires. Madge and Dorothy squabble over who with be matron-of-honour at Helen's wedding.

Episode 1479
Network Ten: 18/07/1991
BBC: 15/07/1992
UK Gold: 02/07/1998

Dorothy and Madge run into trouble on the way to the table tennis contest. Paul decides to demonstrate he isn't just a pen-pusher by making a cradle for the baby. Adam and Gemma's ideas for a quiet night away are interrupted.

Episode 1480
Network Ten: 19/07/1991
BBC: 16/07/1992
UK Gold: 03/07/1998

Adam and Gemma are humiliated when their picture appears on the front page of the Erinsborough News. Melanie struggles to find a new promotional idea for the hotel, while Adam agonises over whether to tell Gemma about the job opportunity in Newcastle. Harold is furious when Madge invites Lou Carpenter to stay with them... has she pushed him over the edge this time?

Episode 1481
Network Ten: 22/07/1991
BBC: 17/07/1992
UK Gold: 06/07/1998

Harold is rushed to hospital after collapsing from a heart attack at the coffee shop. Helen and Michael are taken aback by the elaborate wedding plans Jim is arranging for them. Glen takes steps to improve Toby's forlorn love life.

Episode 1482
Network Ten: 23/07/1991
BBC: 20/07/1992
UK Gold: 07/07/1998

Harold regains consciousness, and reveals to Madge that he was offered a decision whether to live or die. Meanwhile Joe and Melanie take over the running of the coffee shop in Madge and Harold's absence. Doug and Pam learn that Brad has been arrested for drug smuggling in Bahgee.

Episode 1483
Network Ten: 24/07/1991
BBC: 21/07/1992
UK Gold: 08/07/1998

Guest stars include
Darren Wood: Troy Beckwith

Gemma is angry when she finds out Adam kept the details of the Newcastle job from her. Christina tries to convince Paul to let her be the new Lassiters' girl. Cody is accepted onto the student exchange program... but her departure is sooner than expected.

Episode 1484
Network Ten: 25/07/1991
BBC: 22/07/1992
UK Gold: 09/07/1998

Todd invites Emma out for the evening after finding out that Cody has been spending time with Darren. Gemma is offered a job at a veterinary clinic and leaves for Newcastle. Josh's mysterious career is finally revealed when he is unmasked at Helen's hen night.

Episode 1485
Network Ten: 26/07/1991
BBC: 23/07/1992
UK Gold: 10/07/1998

Lucy is appointed as the new Lassiters' girl much to Christina's disappointment. Doug flies to Bahgee to try to get Brad out of jail. Joe's tall tales at the bucks night give Michael second thoughts on whether he is making the right decision.

Episode 1486
Network Ten: 29/07/1991
BBC: 24/07/1992
UK Gold: 13/07/1998

Jim tries to talk Michael around after he decides to call the wedding off. Adam and Caroline help one of Paul's wealthy clients over an unusual bereavement. Cody and Todd realise that they can't spend her last night in Erinsborough apart.

Episode 1487
Network Ten: 30/07/1991
BBC: 27/07/1992
UK Gold: 14/07/1998

Jim is furious when he finds Paul is using photographs of his sister in a swimsuit for the Lassiters' promotion. Josh makes a good impression on Emma by giving her Lucy's earrings. Todd waves a tearful farewell to Cody as she leaves for America.

Episode 1488
Network Ten: 31/07/1991
BBC: 28/07/1992
UK Gold: 15/07/1998

Michael and Helen's wedding day arrives with the guest travelling to the church in vintage cars. Joe and Toby find a novel way to make sure Harold doesn't miss the wedding ceremony. Madge is surprised to learn she going to be a grandmother. Melanie believes that she has found a bad omen, showing trouble ahead for the newlyweds.

Episode 1489
Network Ten: 01/08/1991
BBC: 29/07/1992
UK Gold: 16/07/1998

Paul seeks advice on how to give his unborn baby a head start in life. Harold returns home from the hospital, but he doesn't share Madge's views on his rehabilitation programme. Glen is bitten by a snake while working in the bush with Joe.

Episode 1490
Network Ten: 02/08/1991
BBC: 30/07/1992
UK Gold: 17/07/1998

Melanie consults Madame Zolga for relationship advice, while Glen gives Joe some advice too... is Melanie really the woman for him? Madge worries that Harold is heading for another heart attack, but her constant interference seems to be pushing him in that direction. A face from Glen's past arrives in Ramsay Street with an unexpected revelation.

Episode 1491
Network Ten: 05/08/1991
BBC: 31/07/1992
UK Gold: 20/07/1998

After hearing Karen's news, Glen gets used to the idea of becoming a father. A hardware salesman puts a spanner into Joe's plans for a romantic evening with Melanie. Pam joins Doug in Bahgee in an attempt to get Brad released from Jail.

Episode 1492
Network Ten: 06/08/1991
BBC: 03/08/1992
UK Gold: 21/07/1998

Karen and Christina compare plans for their children. Joe is a less than perfect host when Melanie invites Simon Hunter to dinner. Glen makes a commitment to Karen.

Episode 1493
Network Ten: 07/08/1991
BBC: 04/08/1992
UK Gold: 22/07/1998

Harold worries that Joe is letting his business go to ruins. After playing host to a boy genius, Paul and Christina rethink the plans for their baby. Josh tries everything in an attempt to impress Emma - but at Todd's expense. Harold and Madge decide that some time away from the pressures of Erinsborough is exactly what they need.

Episode 1494
Network Ten: 08/08/1991
BBC: 05/08/1992
UK Gold: 23/07/1998

Madge is sceptical about Harold's extravagant plans for their break. Tensions remain high between Todd and Josh, until a viscous dog forces them to confront their problems. Lucy sets her sights on a career in modelling, but her father has other ideas.

Episode 1495
Network Ten: 09/08/1991
BBC: 06/08/1992
UK Gold: 24/07/1998

Adam and Caroline's plan to catch the person responsible for Brad's imprisonment backfires badly. Lucy's 18th birthday arrives, but she feels everyone is turning against her when Jim prevents her from joining the modelling agency and Paul appears to be taking her father's side this time. Pam has an idea of how to free Brad from jail but she requires $10,000 - can Adam get the money in time?

Episode 1496
Network Ten: 12/08/1991
BBC: 07/08/1992
UK Gold: 27/07/1998

Adam is shocked when his sister Gaby arrives home from Japan, while Todd believes he has uncovered a murder. Joe is broken hearted when he sees Melanie kissing Simon. Gaby comes up with a plan to raise the money to free Brad from Jail.

Episode 1497
Network Ten: 13/08/1991
BBC: 10/08/1992
UK Gold: 28/07/1998

Gaby takes on Wilf Turner in the hope of clearing a bad debt. Madge suspects Adam is cheating on Gemma when she catches him kissing Christina. Joe and Todd go looking for evidence of foul play at the Brewster house.

Episode 1498
Network Ten: 14/08/1991
BBC: 11/08/1992
UK Gold: 29/07/1998

Joe and Todd have to explain their way out of a sticky situation. Josh gets more than he bargained for when he takes Sky on a shopping trip. Madge throws a party to celebrate Jim's divorce, but the guest of honour isn't in any mood to celebrate.

Episode 1499
Network Ten: 15/08/1991
BBC: 12/08/1992
UK Gold: 30/07/1998

Toby organises a raffle - with Lucy as the prize! Paul goes into business with Felicity Brent. Jim invites Glen and Karen to stay on permanently - but not everyone is happy with the arrangement.

Episode 1500
Network Ten: 16/08/1991
BBC: 13/08/1992
UK Gold: 31/07/1998

Lucy's animosity towards Karen continues, while Ben gets a taste of his own medicine on a dinner date with the Lassiter's girl. Paul is conned by Felicity when she beats him to the real estate deal.
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