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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1401-1425

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Episode 1401
Network Ten: 01/04/1991
BBC: 01/04/1992
UK Gold: 16/03/1998

Dorothy decides to put her mind at rest when she hears that the mysterious Mr. Burke will be dining at the Bishop's.

Episode 1402
Network Ten: 02/04/1991
BBC: 02/04/1992
UK Gold: 17/03/1998

Glen is worried about his growing feelings for Lucy.

Episode 1403
Network Ten: 03/04/1991
BBC: 03/04/1992
UK Gold: 18/03/1998

Jim and Glen disagree over an important issue.

Episode 1404
Network Ten: 04/04/1991
BBC: 06/04/1992
UK Gold: 19/03/1998

The twins are scared when they receive anonymous phone calls - but is Joe really the culprit?

Episode 1405
Network Ten: 05/04/1991
BBC: 07/04/1992
UK Gold: 20/03/1998

Colin begins to worm his way back into Dorothy's life.

Episode 1406
Network Ten: 08/04/1991
BBC: 08/04/1992
UK Gold: 23/03/1998

Melissa comes clean to Josh about her moving to America. Lucy and Glen confront their feelings for each other.

Episode 1407
Network Ten: 09/04/1991
BBC: 09/04/1992
UK Gold: 24/03/1998

Glen tries his best to make Lucy think that he's a bad guy. Are Dorothy and Colin heading for a reconciliation? Melanie receives sad news about her grandfather. Melissa says goodbye to her friends before leaving.

Episode 1408
Network Ten: 10/04/1991
BBC: 10/04/1992
UK Gold: 25/03/1998

Colin has spent the night with Dorothy. Harold and Madge plan to compete in a cake competition. Melanie turns to Joe for comfort after her grandfather's death.

Episode 1409
Network Ten: 11/04/1991
BBC: 13/04/1992
UK Gold: 26/03/1998

Caroline and Christina receive another disturbing phone call. Pam and Doug face up to their financial difficulties. Gemma finds an injured possum and it inadvertently brings her and Adam closer together.

Episode 1410
Network Ten: 12/04/1991
BBC: 14/04/1992
UK Gold: 27/03/1998

Paul returns at last... but where are Christina and Phil? Madge takes Harold down a peg or two when she realises that she was the real winner of the cake competition. Phil turns up without Christina and shows his true colours.

Episode 1411
Network Ten: 15/04/1991
BBC: 15/04/1992
UK Gold: 30/03/1998

Caroline and Paul worry about Christina's safety. Joe has problems with Sky's imaginary friend.

Episode 1412
Network Ten: 16/04/1991
BBC: 16/04/1992
UK Gold: 31/03/1998

After much searching, Christina is finally found. Rosemary returns from America. Glen is jealous when Lucy goes out on a date.

Episode 1413
Network Ten: 17/04/1991
BBC: 17/04/1992
UK Gold: 01/04/1998

Jim reveals secrets from Colin's past to Harold who consequently suspects Colin of running off with the church's money.

Episode 1414
Network Ten: 18/04/1991
BBC: 20/04/1992
UK Gold: 02/04/1998

Cody and Adam find out about their dire financial situation. The Lassisters inspector is finally revealed, much to the dismay of all the staff.

Episode 1415
Network Ten: 19/04/1991
BBC: 21/04/1992
UK Gold: 03/04/1998

Jim's plans for a fuel injection system are thwarted. Adam finds a job. Pam is drowsy at the wheel of her cab.

Episode 1416
Network Ten: 22/04/1991
BBC: 22/04/1992
UK Gold: 06/04/1998

Pam returns from hospital but continues to push herself too far. Just what is Todd planning for Cody's birthday? Josh finally works out who Lucy's mystery man is.

Episode 1417
Network Ten: 23/04/1991
BBC: 23/04/1992
UK Gold: 07/04/1998

Josh warns Lucy to stay away from Glen. Things are looking up when Pam and Doug see Paul about the guest house - but it soon seems that their financial problems are far from over.

Episode 1418
Network Ten: 24/04/1991
BBC: 24/04/1992
UK Gold: 08/04/1998

After an enjoyable day out with Gemma, Adam is met by Caroline who reveals her true feelings.

Episode 1419
Network Ten: 25/04/1991
BBC: 27/04/1992
UK Gold: 09/04/1998

Gemma bows out gracefully and lets Caroline win her man, but is it really what she wants? Unknown to Dorothy, Colin stays the night with Rosemary. Joe takes drastic action to stop Toby smoking.

Episode 1420
Network Ten: 26/04/1991
BBC: 28/04/1992
UK Gold: 10/04/1998

Is Bouncer the fierce dog wreaking havoc in Erinsborough? Harold finally wins himself a trophy - with a little help from Glen. Jim receives good news about his fuel injection system.

Episode 1421
Network Ten: 29/04/1991
BBC: 29/04/1992
UK Gold: 13/04/1998

As news travels around about Christina's pregnancy, she receives some news herself which makes her wish she hadn't spoken so soon. Caroline moves back into No.22.

Episode 1422
Network Ten: 30/04/1991
BBC: 30/04/1992
UK Gold: 14/04/1998

Gemma feels out of place with Adam and Caroline. Christina realises that she has to get pregnantů and fast! Josh continues to try and keep Glen and Lucy apart - but it doesn't look like he's succeeding.

Episode 1423
Network Ten: 01/05/1991
BBC: 01/05/1992
UK Gold: 15/04/1998

Joe sees more than he expected to see while cleaning the windows at Lassiters - and when Dorothy hears about it, it looks like Colin's lie is about to be exposed. Glen and Lucy argue over their relationship.

Episode 1424
Network Ten: 02/05/1991
BBC: 04/05/1992
UK Gold: 16/04/1998

When Colin returns to Ramsay Street to worm his way back into Dorothy's good books, Joe and Jim help to escort him from the premises. Madge continues her campaign to get a non-smoking area in the pub.

Episode 1425
Network Ten: 03/05/1991
BBC: 05/05/1992
UK Gold: 17/04/1998

Pam and Doug are heading for a fall when they think their money troubles may be over - things go from bad to worse when their problems become public knowledge in Ramsay Street. Bouncer returns home with blood on his fur - but is it his?
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