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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1326-1350

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Episode 1326
Network Ten: 05/11/1990
BBC: 17/12/1991
UK Gold: 01/12/1997

Madge makes a blunder which threatens Joe's chances to keep Sky.

Episode 1327
Network Ten: 06/11/1990
BBC: 18/12/1991
UK Gold: 02/12/1997

Gemma is shocked to find that Ryan is taking sedatives.

Episode 1328
Network Ten: 07/11/1990
BBC: 19/12/1991
UK Gold: 03/12/1997

Melissa thinks that Cody has betrayed her confidence.

Episode 1329
Network Ten: 08/11/1990
BBC: 20/12/1991
UK Gold: 04/12/1997

Christina is sent on her first modelling assignment.

Episode 1330
Network Ten: 09/11/1990
BBC: 23/12/1991
UK Gold: 05/12/1997

Joe is stunned when Melanie offers to marry him.

Episode 1331
Network Ten: 12/11/1990
BBC: 24/12/1991
UK Gold: 08/12/1997

Melanie is disappointed by Joe's decision to turn her down.

Episode 1332
Network Ten: 13/11/1990
BBC: 26/12/1991
UK Gold: 09/12/1997

Josh believes he's about to rumble Todd, who appears to be living a double life.

Episode 1333
Network Ten: 14/11/1990
BBC: 27/12/1991
UK Gold: 10/12/1997

Gemma packs her bags, leaving Madge feeling miserable.

Episode 1334
Network Ten: 15/11/1990
BBC: 30/12/1991
UK Gold: 11/12/1997

Jim and Paul are caught in the crossfire between Madge and Matt.

Episode 1335
Network Ten: 16/11/1990
BBC: 31/12/1991
UK Gold: 12/12/1997

Pam and Dorothy finally have a showdown.

Episode 1336
Network Ten: 19/11/1990
BBC: 01/01/1992
UK Gold: 15/12/1997

Joe is stunned to discover that the date of his custody appeal has been brought forward.

Episode 1337
Network Ten: 20/11/1990
BBC: 02/01/1992
UK Gold: 16/12/1997

Cody and Josh worry about Melissa's recent behaviour.

Episode 1338
Network Ten: 21/11/1990
BBC: 03/01/1992
UK Gold: 17/12/1997

Madge's concern for Gemma reaches an emotional climax.

Episode 1339
Network Ten: 22/11/1990
BBC: 06/01/1992
UK Gold: 18/12/1997

Harold Bishop is shocked to be accused of sexual harassment.

Episode 1340
Network Ten: 23/11/1990
BBC: 07/01/1992
UK Gold: 19/12/1997

Christina continues to play it cool with Paul.

Episode 1341
Network Ten: 26/11/1990
BBC: 08/01/1992
UK Gold: 22/12/1997

John learns the truth about Dorothy.

Episode 1342
Network Ten: 27/11/1990
BBC: 09/01/1992
UK Gold: 23/12/1997

Paul makes a proposition to Miriam. Paul and Christina share a passionate embrace.

Episode 1343
Network Ten: 28/11/1990
BBC: 10/01/1992
UK Gold: 24/12/1997

Ryan and Helen become intrigued by Dorothy's husband.

Episode 1344
Network Ten: 29/11/1990
BBC: 13/01/1992
UK Gold: 25/12/1997

Josh discovers what's wrong with Melissa. Helen and Ryan wonder about Dorothy's mysterious husband.

Episode 1345
Network Ten: 30/11/1990
BBC: 14/01/1992
UK Gold: 26/12/1997

Joe is shattered when the custody verdict goes against him.

Episode 1346
Network Ten: 03/12/1990
BBC: 15/01/1992
UK Gold: 29/12/1997

Joe is feeling sad as he spends a heartbreaking moment with Sky.

Episode 1347
Network Ten: 04/12/1990
BBC: 16/01/1992
UK Gold: 30/12/1997

Cody and Todd encounter danger while running away from home.

Episode 1348
Network Ten: 05/12/1990
BBC: 17/01/1992
UK Gold: 31/12/1997

Joe makes a snap decision he may live to regret, while Paul and Christina's romance begins to blossom.

Episode 1349
Network Ten: 06/12/1990
BBC: 20/01/1992
UK Gold: 01/01/1998

Madge and Harold are concerned about Sky's disappearance. Jim and Helen fear for Christina.

Episode 1350
Network Ten: 07/12/1990
BBC: 21/01/1992
UK Gold: 02/01/1998

1990 Series Finale
A shock accident rocks Ramsay Street and Jim gets a surprise.
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