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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1251-1275

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Episode 1251
Network Ten: 23/07/1990
BBC: 03/09/1991
UK Gold: 18/08/1997

Ryan's party gets out of control and Melissa pulls out all the stops to impress Tania.

Episode 1252
Network Ten: 24/07/1990
BBC: 04/09/1991
UK Gold: 19/08/1997

Matt's relationship with Gemma blossoms - much to his delight.

Episode 1253
Network Ten: 25/07/1990
BBC: 05/09/1991
UK Gold: 20/08/1997

Joe brings up the subject of adopting Sky with Kerry, while Jim has the odd problem on a male-bonding camping trip.

Episode 1254
Network Ten: 26/07/1990
BBC: 06/09/1991
UK Gold: 21/08/1997

Kerry decides she wants to adopt Toby, while Harold has a surprising encounter with Des.

Episode 1255
Network Ten: 27/07/1990
BBC: 09/09/1991
UK Gold: 22/08/1997

Joe and Kerry plan a romantic weekend away from it all - but nothing goes quite as they intended.

Episode 1256
Network Ten: 30/07/1990
BBC: 10/09/1991
UK Gold: 25/08/1997

Well-meaning Helen unwittingly upsets Clarrie by trying to steer him clear of romance.

Episode 1257
Network Ten: 31/07/1990
BBC: 11/09/1991
UK Gold: 26/08/1997

Josh's plan to woo Melissa backfires in spectacular fashion.

Episode 1258
Network Ten: 01/08/1990
BBC: 12/09/1991
UK Gold: 27/08/1997

Gemma begs Matt for some personal space after their relationship becomes a little too heavy for her liking.

Episode 1259
Network Ten: 02/08/1990
BBC: 13/09/1991
UK Gold: 28/08/1997

Jim drops a clanger in front of Doug.

Episode 1260
Network Ten: 03/08/1990
BBC: 16/09/1991
UK Gold: 29/08/1997

Melanie has second thoughts and Jim discovers the identity of his new neighbours.

Episode 1261
Network Ten: 06/08/1990
BBC: 17/09/1991
UK Gold: 01/09/1997

Matt provides Melanie with a shoulder to cry on following the break-up of her engagement.

Episode 1262
Network Ten: 07/08/1990
BBC: 18/09/1991
UK Gold: 02/09/1997

Cody discovers some adoption papers hidden away in a drawer.

Episode 1263
Network Ten: 08/08/1990
BBC: 19/09/1991
UK Gold: 03/09/1997

Matt moves into the Mangel household.

Episode 1264
Network Ten: 09/08/1990
BBC: 20/09/1991
UK Gold: 04/09/1997

Josh's friend causes chaos in the coffee shop.

Episode 1265
Network Ten: 10/08/1990
BBC: 23/09/1991
UK Gold: 05/09/1997

Adam's dates with twins Caroline and Christina land him in double trouble.

Episode 1266
Network Ten: 13/08/1990
BBC: 24/09/1991
UK Gold: 08/09/1997

Beverly loses her temper and hits a patient, putting her career on the line in the process.

Episode 1267
Network Ten: 14/08/1990
BBC: 25/09/1991
UK Gold: 09/09/1997

A guilt-ridden Beverly tries to apologies to the woman she punched in surgery. Can she talk her way out of the mess?

Episode 1268
Network Ten: 15/08/1990
BBC: 26/09/1991
UK Gold: 10/09/1997

Cody decides to search for her natural mother.

Episode 1269
Network Ten: 16/08/1990
BBC: 27/09/1991
UK Gold: 11/09/1997

Gemma forces Matt to make a decision about the future of their relationship.

Episode 1270
Network Ten: 17/08/1990
BBC: 30/09/1991
UK Gold: 12/09/1997

Josh is caught up in a sticky situation.

Episode 1271
Network Ten: 20/08/1990
BBC: 01/10/1991
UK Gold: 15/09/1997

Beverly is suspended following her recent attack and Josh pulls out all the stops to win back Melissa's affections.

Episode 1272
Network Ten: 21/08/1990
BBC: 02/10/1991
UK Gold: 16/09/1997

Helen suspects Pam is the mysterious Ramsay Street thief.

Episode 1273
Network Ten: 22/08/1990
BBC: 03/10/1991
UK Gold: 17/09/1997

Helen's patience with Jim wears thin following her embarrassing confrontation with Pam.

Episode 1274
Network Ten: 23/08/1990
BBC: 04/10/1991
UK Gold: 18/09/1997

Kerry's friend Amber arrives, which has repercussions for Joe.

Episode 1275
Network Ten: 24/08/1990
BBC: 07/10/1991
UK Gold: 19/09/1997

Christina confesses her love for Paul to Melanie.
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