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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1201-1225

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Episode 1201
Network Ten: 14/05/1990
BBC: 25/06/1991
UK Gold: 09/06/1997

Des gets a pleasant surprise on his return to Erinsborough.

Episode 1202
Network Ten: 15/05/1990
BBC: 26/06/1991
UK Gold: 10/06/1997

Melanie persuades Christina to admit how she got the job.

Episode 1203
Network Ten: 16/05/1990
BBC: 27/06/1991
UK Gold: 11/06/1997

Harold pulls out of the election campaign, while Jim and Beverly try to save their marriage - but is it too little too late?

Episode 1204
Network Ten: 17/05/1990
BBC: 28/06/1991
UK Gold: 12/06/1997

Dorothy's harsh treatment humiliates Ryan.

Episode 1205
Network Ten: 18/05/1990
BBC: 01/07/1991
UK Gold: 13/06/1997

Ewan makes a surprising proposal to Beverly and Todd has his collar felt.

Episode 1206
Network Ten: 21/05/1990
BBC: 02/07/1991
UK Gold: 16/06/1997

Todd is arrested and Helen discovers the shocking truth about Derek.

Episode 1207
Network Ten: 22/05/1990
BBC: 03/07/1991
UK Gold: 17/06/1997

Josh and Cody become suspicious about Melissa's true feelings for Todd.

Episode 1208
Network Ten: 23/05/1990
BBC: 04/07/1991
UK Gold: 18/06/1997

Christina faces a serious ticking-off from Paul and Caroline about the Parkside Pacific post, while Toby makes a significant decision.

Episode 1209
Network Ten: 24/05/1990
BBC: 05/07/1991
UK Gold: 19/06/1997

Madge anxiously awaits the results of the council election.

Episode 1210
Network Ten: 25/05/1990
BBC: 08/07/1991
UK Gold: 20/06/1997

Madge is pleased as punch to win the election campaign, while Kerry and Beverly discover they're both pregnant.

Episode 1211
Network Ten: 28/05/1990
BBC: 09/07/1991
UK Gold: 23/06/1997

Madge finds dealing with the many responsibilities of office incredibly difficult.

Episode 1212
Network Ten: 29/05/1990
BBC: 10/07/1991
UK Gold: 24/06/1997

Helen is accused of taking advantage of a dying man.

Episode 1213
Network Ten: 30/05/1990
BBC: 11/07/1991
UK Gold: 25/06/1997

The coffee shop is threatened with closure and Eddie comes under suspicion for the recent thefts.

Episode 1214
Network Ten: 31/05/1990
BBC: 12/07/1991
UK Gold: 26/06/1997

Todd and Melissa decide to give their relationship another chance, while Harold is shocked to learn Eddie could be the coffee shop thief.

Episode 1215
Network Ten: 01/06/1990
BBC: 15/07/1991
UK Gold: 27/06/1997

Joe is left with no option but to give in to Dorothy's demands, while Todd and Cody reveal their true feelings for one another.

Episode 1216
Network Ten: 04/06/1990
BBC: 16/07/1991
UK Gold: 30/06/1997

Todd and Cody face the prospect of losing their best friends.

Episode 1217
Network Ten: 05/06/1990
BBC: 17/07/1991
UK Gold: 01/07/1997

Ryan is pleasantly surprised when he lands himself a hot date.

Episode 1218
Network Ten: 06/06/1990
BBC: 18/07/1991
UK Gold: 02/07/1997

Ryan and Candice's relationship develops in a surprising manner and Helen discovers Derek unconscious on the floor.

Episode 1219
Network Ten: 07/06/1990
BBC: 19/07/1991
UK Gold: 03/07/1997

Diane holds Helen responsible for Derek's untimely death.

Episode 1220
Network Ten: 08/06/1990
BBC: 22/07/1991
UK Gold: 04/07/1997

Madge arranges a dinner party - little realising the disastrous consequences.

Episode 1221
Network Ten: 11/06/1990
BBC: 23/07/1991
UK Gold: 07/07/1997

Fire breaks out in the Ramsay house, putting Harold in grave danger.

Episode 1222
Network Ten: 12/06/1990
BBC: 24/07/1991
UK Gold: 08/07/1997

Diane's wild accusations shock Beverly and Helen.

Episode 1223
Network Ten: 13/06/1990
BBC: 25/07/1991
UK Gold: 09/07/1997

Jim's radical new image comes as a complete shock to everyone on Ramsay Street.

Episode 1224
Network Ten: 14/06/1990
BBC: 26/07/1991
UK Gold: 10/07/1997

Jim and Beverly come to a decision about their future.

Episode 1225
Network Ten: 15/06/1990
BBC: 29/07/1991
UK Gold: 11/07/1997

Guest stars include
Felicity Brent: Rona McLeod

Dorothy's shady past returns to haunt her.
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