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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1151-1175

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Episode 1151
Network Ten: 05/03/1990
BBC: 16/04/1991
UK Gold: 31/03/1997

Melanie discovers her fears are well-founded when she finally agrees to go on a date with Kelvin.

Episode 1152
Network Ten: 06/03/1990
BBC: 17/04/1991
UK Gold: 01/04/1997

Beverly comes to a difficult decision which deepens the rift between her and Jim.

Episode 1153
Network Ten: 07/03/1990
BBC: 18/04/1991
UK Gold: 02/04/1997

Nick receives good news from London regarding an art scholarship.

Episode 1154
Network Ten: 08/03/1990
BBC: 19/04/1991
UK Gold: 03/04/1997

Sharon admits she went to the dance on her own.

Episode 1155
Network Ten: 09/03/1990
BBC: 22/04/1991
UK Gold: 04/04/1997

Lochy's aunt threatens to report Kerry to the authorities.

Episode 1156
Network Ten: 12/03/1990
BBC: 23/04/1991
UK Gold: 07/04/1997

Kerry nervously prepares for a visit to the pre-school advisor.

Episode 1157
Network Ten: 13/03/1990
BBC: 24/04/1991
UK Gold: 08/04/1997

Helen throws a party for Nick.

Episode 1158
Network Ten: 14/03/1990
BBC: 25/04/1991
UK Gold: 09/04/1997

Matt struggles to come to terms with Lee's departure.

Episode 1159
Network Ten: 15/03/1990
BBC: 26/04/1991
UK Gold: 10/04/1997

Things are starting to look very bad for Kerry as her childminding business fails to get off the ground.

Episode 1160
Network Ten: 16/03/1990
BBC: 29/04/1991
UK Gold: 11/04/1997

Christina and Caroline invite Paul to move in with them.

Episode 1161
Network Ten: 19/03/1990
BBC: 30/04/1991
UK Gold: 14/04/1997

Dorothy is rushed to hospital with suspected food poisoning.

Episode 1162
Network Ten: 20/03/1990
BBC: 01/05/1991
UK Gold: 15/04/1997

Paul confronts Dorothy - but is he prepared for the outcome?

Episode 1163
Network Ten: 21/03/1990
BBC: 02/05/1991
UK Gold: 16/04/1997

Todd's plan to get the better of Josh backfires.

Episode 1164
Network Ten: 22/03/1990
BBC: 03/05/1991
UK Gold: 17/04/1997

Jim's trust in Beverly faces a severe test.

Episode 1165
Network Ten: 23/03/1990
BBC: 06/05/1991
UK Gold: 18/04/1997

Beverly's old flame returns to Erinsborough, forcing Jim to face facts.

Episode 1166
Network Ten: 26/03/1990
BBC: 07/05/1991
UK Gold: 21/04/1997

Melissa plays matchmaker for the unsuspecting Josh.

Episode 1167
Network Ten: 27/03/1990
BBC: 08/05/1991
UK Gold: 22/04/1997

Cody bites the bullet and makes a move on Josh.

Episode 1168
Network Ten: 28/03/1990
BBC: 09/05/1991
UK Gold: 23/04/1997

Jim questions Beverly about her relationship with Ewan, while Harold discovers the secret of Gloria's success at the coffee shop.

Episode 1169
Network Ten: 29/03/1990
BBC: 10/05/1991
UK Gold: 24/04/1997

Harold shocks Ryan on their first meeting.

Episode 1170
Network Ten: 30/03/1990
BBC: 13/05/1991
UK Gold: 25/04/1997

Christina is shocked when Melanie's boyfriend Kelvin makes a pass at her.

Episode 1171
Network Ten: 02/04/1990
BBC: 14/05/1991
UK Gold: 28/04/1997

Ryan tries to save Lochy's life - with unexpected results.

Episode 1172
Network Ten: 03/04/1990
BBC: 15/05/1991
UK Gold: 29/04/1997

Melanie learns that love-rat Kelvin is dating other women.

Episode 1173
Network Ten: 04/04/1990
BBC: 16/05/1991
UK Gold: 30/04/1997

Dorothy makes a stand about the fence dispute.

Episode 1174
Network Ten: 05/04/1990
BBC: 17/05/1991
UK Gold: 01/05/1997

Beverly leaves for Cairns - but Jim soon suspects her real motives.

Episode 1175
Network Ten: 06/04/1990
BBC: 20/05/1991
UK Gold: 02/05/1997

Christina returns home to discover Paul and Caroline in a compromising position.
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