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Neighbours - Episode 8912 (relaunch episode 9)

Block/Week: 1697

Transmisson dates
Network Ten/10 Peach: 02/10/2023
Amazon Freevee: 02/10/2023

Written by Jason Herbison
Directed by Scott Major

Mike finds himself the victim of his own impulsiveness. Dex is blindsided by a secret with potentially catastrophic ramifications. Paul discovers a piece of information which he believes will secure his hold over Lassiters. Mackenzie throws caution to the wind as her interest in a certain resident reaches boiling point.

Guest stars
JJ Varga-Murphy: Riley Bryant
Dex Varga-Murphy: Marley Williams
Mike Young: Guy Pearce
Reece Sinclair: Mischa Barton
Billie Alessio: Georgia Walters
Trevor: Bodie

UK Unit Director: Lee Salisbury

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