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Neighbours - Episode 7793

Block/Week: 1505

Transmisson dates
Eleven: 07/03/2018
Five: 07/03/2018

Written by Melanie Sano
Directed by Declan Eames

Holly learns that Izzy has stolen Karl's sperm sample and used it to try to get pregnant. She demands Izzy goes through with the donation to the hospital wing in return for her silence. After an uneasy start, Ben begins to bond with his Uncle Dougal 'Kirky' Kirk and is offered an apprenticeship in his garage. Shane is relieved to have his cast taken off. Sheila offers him a job at the Waterhole, but proves to be a demanding boss.

Guest stars
Isabelle Hoyland: Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Holly Hoyland: Lucinda Armstrong Hall
Dougal Kirk: Brandon Burns

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