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Neighbours - Episode 7760

Block/Week: 1500

Transmisson dates
Eleven: 19/01/2018
Five: 19/01/2018

Written by Megan Palinkas
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Sensing friction between Mark and Jack, Elly convinces Amy to let the boys join them for croquet so she can match-make them into being mates. Toadie and Sonya uncover Paul's grand plans. Dipi's accusation that Mishti is putting work before family makes Shane question his own focus and he rekindles his passion for inventing. Toadie and Sonya uncover Paul's grand plans for the future, but Leo seems less than enthusiastic. Amy and Elly's efforts to bring Mark and Jack together results in fisticuffs.

Guest stars
Snr Sgt Christina Lake: Kath Gordon
Kurt Pilgrim: Rob Flanagan

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