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Neighbours - Episode 7272

Block/Week: 1419

Transmisson dates
Eleven: 05/01/2016
Five: 05/01/2016

Written by Alexa Wyatt
Directed by Tony Osicka

Terese is given a clear warning by the new management of Lassiters - stay away from Paul. Sonya endures the agony of waiting to see if her actions have compromised Toadie's surgery. Paige realises that she is the victim of mistaken identity and exploits an opportunity to escape, but her fortune is short-lived when she runs straight into the path of an oncoming car. Shay finally gets her promised revenge on Kyle.

Guest stars
Shay Daeng: Yasmin Kassim
Jimmy Williams: Darcy Tadich
Warren Stacks: Michael Shanahan

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