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Neighbours - Episode 5502

Block/Week: 1101

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 22/07/2008
Five: 13/10/2008

Written by Scott Taylor
Directed by Lewis Fitzgerald

Confronted by Angus's letter, Rachel struggles with the past. Libby's attempt to break free romantically challenges traumatised Steph. Meanwhile, Nicola and Toadie's break up becomes the talk of Ramsay Street.

Guest stars
Sienna Cammeniti: Erin McNaught
Nicola West: Imogen Bailey
Donna Freedman: Margot Robbie
Lucas Fitzgerald: Scott Major
Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
Female Enthusiast #1: Jenye-Harley Alcock
Female Enthusiast #2: Anna Burgess

Note: Sienna Cammeniti didn't appear in the episode

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