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Neighbours - Episode 3315

Block/Week: 663

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 28/05/1999
BBC: 11/08/1999
UK Gold: 18/01/2005

Written by Lois Booton
Directed by David Myles

Peter thinks he may be called away due to a natural disaster in Karu. Sarah is doing her best to be supportive. Peter confides in Karl how deeply in love he is with Sarah. As Peter is about to leave, and the taxi is waiting, Peter confesses to Sarah that for the first time in his life, he's unsure about what to do. Should he go, or should he stay? It all depends on how Sarah feels about him. Lance goes to a huge effort to earn enough money to take Amy out to dinner. Amy thinks they should all move into Anne's and Lance takes this the wrong way. Lou diversifies into commercial plants. Harold orders some, as does Karl for Bill's workshop. To their collective horrors many more are ordered than expected and they are huge.

Guest stars
Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Max Danby: Ewan Sprague

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