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Neighbours - Episode 3312

Block/Week: 663

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 25/05/1999
BBC: 06/08/1999
UK Gold: 17/01/2005

Written by Lousie Le Nay
Directed by David Myles

Drew and Libby head back to Erinsborough, but are held up when they discover Dougal has stowed away in the back of their car. Paul organizes a day at the beach with Tad, to end their feud, but drama continues when Paul and Hannah arrive late. Drew and Libby have to make a stop over in their trip home and are forced to spend the night in a dilapidated cabin. There's only one bed and Libby innocently wonders which side of the bed Drew would like, but Drew isn't ready for a platonic night in bed with the woman he loves.

Guest stars
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Rose Kirk: Diana Greentree
Ron Kirk: John Orcsik
Dougal Kirk: Michael Barallon
Nell Woodrow: Dawn Klingberg

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