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Neighbours - Episode 3301

Block/Week: 661

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 10/05/1999
BBC: 22/07/1999
UK Gold: 07/01/2005

Written by Marieke Jospehine Hardy
Directed by Gary Conway

Lance gets a mate to lay one last bet for him, using the money he got from pawning Ruth's stolen fob watch. When he returns home he finds Ruth devastated and the family horrified at the invasion. Fortunately for Lance, the horse wins, but unfortunately Anne sees Chris hand over the winnings to Lance. Anne demands Lance tell Ruth that he's gambling or she will. Anne's plans to second time with Bill are thwarted, but in fact Bill is working on a surprise for her birthday. All is forgiven when he gives her the hand-made desk. Madge and Harold realize how difficult Paul's decision was to stay in Erinsborough.

Guest stars
Chris Burgess: Nathan Bocskay
Damien Smith: John Ridley

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