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Neighbours - Episode 2995

Block/Week: 599

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 28/11/1997
BBC: 13/05/1998
UK Gold: 13/04/2004

Written by Ian Coughlan
Directed by Philip East

1997 Series Finale
Billy struggles with his feelings for Caitlin but it's clear his relationship with Anne is getting shakier by the minute. Meanwhile, Karl and Sarah share an unexpected kiss, that takes even Karl by surprise.

Guest stars
Mandi Rodgers: Sabina Lokic
Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
Simon Butterworth: David Le Page
Steve Van Eck: Daniel Tobias
Mark Bailey: John Cheyne
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura

Motor Racing Sequences Directed by Chris Adshead 'Thanks to: Calder Park Motorsport Promotions Pty. Ltd.'
Available on the Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 1 DVD collection.

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