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Neighbours - Episode 2967

Block/Week: 594

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 21/10/1997
BBC: 03/04/1998
UK Gold: 02/03/2004

Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Gary Conway

Will Hannah and Claire be discovered in Ben's garage before it's too late? Harold is writing a eulogy about Helen and is finding it very difficult. However, we are treated to some memorable scenes from Helen's time on the show.

Guest stars
Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Jacinta: Caroline Morgan
Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Bob Thornton: Sam Brown
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura

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