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Neighbours - Episode 2241

Block/Week: 449

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 19/09/1994
BBC: 16/06/1995
UK Gold: 04/06/2001

Written by John Upton
Directed by Chris Adshead

Rumours spread that Julie's near-fatal fall was no accident, casting suspicion on Philip, and triggering the return of Debbie's bulimia. Meanwhile, lovebirds Mark and Annalise find their return from Paris overshadowed by turmoil in the Martin household.

Guest stars
Paulo Cechero: Hannes Berger
Detective Illich: Rod Densley
Detective: George Ginis
Doctor: Michele Williams
Constable No.1: Michael Harrop
Constable No.2: Michael Seymour
Woman Traveller: Georgie Power
Nurse: Vanessa Scott

Note: Pam and Doug gone from cast list.

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