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Neighbours - Episode 2125

Block/Week: 425

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 08/04/1994
BBC: 05/01/1995
UK Gold: 22/12/2000

Written by David Allen
Directed by Alan Coleman

Julie takes a moral stand over magazines sold in the shop, and Annalise starts to think she has the Charity Quest all sewn up. Cheryl and Lou find a solution to their problem, while Gaby enlists Cody's support throughout the birth of her baby.

Guest stars
Celebrity Judge: David Hunt
Hilda Brown: Helen Milte
Tennyson Jones: Warwick Comber
Delivery Person: Steve Lane
Soula Papadopolus: Ariane Vrisakis
Maria Garcia: Maria Beck
Pham Thi Hien: Fiona Choi
Susie: Vanessa Carroll
Shopper: Roger Churches

Scene from episode 2125

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